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    Witness social harmony in less than 120 days from now

    Every year, the Pongal celebrations ( also called Sankaranthi) in Tamil Nadu, extends to one full week and the taming of the bull, called Jallikattu in Tamil, is part of the celebrations. A few lives may even be lost, but the huge crowds that flock to witness this game of strength of men, near Madurai runs into several thousands.

    There are sponsorship's for free food just about everywhere and the poor are fed at so many places. The special pooja that is conducted at all temples goes along with feeding of the poor.

    The social harmony extends to all religions and everyone is equal. There is no ill feeling of any kind anywhere. There are thousands of foreigners, particularly from the UK and USA, who flock to Madurai and other places in South Tamil Nadu, and they are treated so well. They are given the dhotis and the saris to wear.

    This year, the rains have been much more than normal and there is prosperity all around. The prices of all vegetables is under control now and it is expected that with increase in production, the prices may fall even lower. Tomato, for example, retails at just Rs.20 a kg in most parts of Tamil Nadu, down from the highest of Rs.200 some months ago.

    Welcome to Tamil Nadu, during the festival season of Pongal. However, here is an advance warning. Those travelling from other parts of the country need to book their tickets right now. The day travel by buses would be far more easier, as there are a massive number of Government buses. For example, one day prior to Pongal, it is wise to travel to Villupuram by one bus and take another to Tiruchi. The third from Tiruchirapalli to Madurai would depart within a few minutes. If this is not okay, one has to book by the day trains from Chennai to Madurai, well in advance. Right now. Pongal is on 14th of Jan 2023. The travel has to be done on the 13th. Regarding the night trains, the advance booking for all trains were over in less than ten minutes. This is the situation as of now.
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    I agree! Hon'ble Minister of Tamil Nadu, Thiru Udayanidhi, has created so much social harmony through his (in)famous speech, that it is being discussed all over the country! If he and his sidekicks like (2-G) Raja make similar statements again, his party won't be found in the state even with a microscope.

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    Pongal is a special festival in almost all the states in the Southern states. Even in Andhra Pradesh, we celebrate this festival for 4 days and there will be many competitions. On the third day of the festival, all the bullocks in the village will get decorated and a race will be conducted. As mentioned by the author all people will participate in such activities.

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    Partha Sir, we all know where your heart is. Pongal is a festival, where there is no caste or creed or religion or politics. When the foreigners arrive, they only get to see the fabulous jelling of so many millions of people.

    Regarding the so-called talk of the Minister, I do not want to go into any details here, as one major party has successfully twisted all facts and made people believe something totally different from what is the actual truth.

    Only those who are familiar with the ground level realities will understand it. Irrespective of any political churning, Pongal will always be Pongal. As Rao Sir has just said, it is celebrated all over South India.

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    Sivakumar Sir, the grand festival of Pongal will arrive after around 119 days. Beautiful Tamil ladies in gorgeous saris and garlanded hair accompanied by Tamil men with luxuriant mustaches will visit the temples all over the country (including Delhi and Kolkata). We will all witness the pious celebration at that time.

    But before that Thiru Udayanidhi , Thiru Raja and their devout followers would steadily take their party on the brink of oblivion. Let us first enjoy that.

    Thereafter, real celebration of Pongal will commence.

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    Partha Sir, you have every right to day dream. Please go ahead. Since you do not know anything about the ground realities, you are at liberty to form any opinion.

    All the very best.

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    So Sir, what are the ground realities? Should we expect that terribly corrupt party of Udayanidhi-Raja and others would get more votes and seats after their despicable comments on the Sanatana Dharma?

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