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    Do you have a hobby of reading books?

    Reading is a great hobby. It is a great pastime also. There are a variety of books on various subjects and people can choose a book as per their interests.
    Do you have a hobby of reading books? Which type of books do you read? Which are your favourite books so far? Please share your experiences about reading books and benefits derived if any.
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    I used to read a lot. Even, I never threw without reading the pieces of magazine and newspaper pages that came as wrapper on grocery etc. I used to spend a good amount in buying books and periodicals in all four languages I can read.
    However ,to b frank, after the popularity of social media sites my reading has come down and now it is confined o one newspaper and occasional journals subscribed. The most readings are of the posts and forwards in whatsapp. The other reading is the posts in Indiastudychannel and Social Village sites.

    The other day I travelled and stayed in a place which is near Kerala-TN border. As I was busy attending some meet sessions and seminars, I could not read the daily paper. I had bought a few Tamil, Malayalam and English newspapers and carried them back with me. I have to read them all in the coming days.

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    I was a book worm when I have too much time in my hands. I've read many great books like Pablo Coehlo's the Alchemist. Also "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern Which is an enchanting novel that tells the story of a magical competition between two young illusionists.

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    Lambda, welcome to this portal. It is good to know that you are also a bookworm. I strongly believe that if a person reads a lot then he gains a lot of insight into the various matters related to the things happening and going on in this world. That is one major advantage.
    I have seen many people who read a lot and then after a gap of time they start writing and become very successful in that.

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    I was a book lover and I was reading every day for 5 to 6 hours minimum. But now I am not able to spend that much time on reading. I used to read many Telugu epics, novels and other books. I was reading at least one detective book every day. But now I stopped reading novels and detective books. I spend some time reading Telugu epics.
    By virtue of my reading habits, I am able to write some poems in the Telugu language.

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    I am a regular book reader since my college days. I am visiting library regularly and spent hours together therein. Actually once we get reading habit in us we can enjoy the usage of library much. We can get many books there on different tastes which we never heard earlier. That too if we go to government owned libraries the variety of books are more we can see there. I used to take our house children also to the libraries as it definitely induce their taste in reading books.

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    Happy to see that there are people who are still going to the libraries and enjoying reading sessions there. I personally feel that reading is a great hobby and though many people have discontinued reading books but the thrill and enjoyment that we get by reading a book a still there and only thing is one should explore it.

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