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This thread wins the second prize for the October '23 topic-based contest.
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    Life itself is one big frame

    We all are a part of one big frame called the world. Interestingly, the whole world consists of several minuscule frames. Some of them are visible, such as the basic structure of a body, a photo or picture frame, an eyewear frame, a window frame, and many other unlimited visible outline structures with which some invisible frameworks also exist in human beings.

    We all have brains but does the mind within our brains work in the same direction? Not at all; some have a positive frame of mind, some work in a negative frame of mind, and many have a confused state of mind. The human mind is a strong example of an invisible frame within a structure called the brain, which usually creates uncertainty in personal and others' lives.

    While writing this piece on 'frame', I am framing my thoughts, sentences and a complete write-up. A verbal interaction also highly depends upon the framing of viewpoints and sentences. Firstly, it occurs in one's mind and then vocally or in writing. What about framing a charge and counter-charge by advocates, police, people in power, ordinary people or anyone else? They can be legal or illegal and even can be fair or unfair. Even the world, the countries and states within them all have jurisdictional boundaries, which are again frames. Such geographical borders can cause internal and external crises like the Cauvery conflict between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Factually, life revolves around various external and internal frames of unlimited challenges.

    My submission for the Topic based contest 'Frame'
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    This is an exhaustive post on frame of mind and how it is important in our lives. It is very true that people act based on their frame of mind. The mindset of one person can differ from other drastically and that is why they behave and act differently.

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    You've really framed this concept of 'frames' in a thought-provoking way! It's fascinating to think about how our world is made up of these big and small frameworks, both visible and invisible. The idea that each of us has our unique 'frame of mind' is so true. It's like we all see the world through our own lens, and it can be positive, negative, or somewhere in between.

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    That is true. Life is a big frame. In this frame, we will see many people with different qualities and looks. Frame of mind will differ from person to person. That is why even though facing the same situation, some will react positively and some will react negatively. Even the frame of mind of a person will change from situation to situation and sometimes a very cool man will also lose his temper. It all depends on the situation and the position of the mind at that particular time. There are some people who never lose their cool and keep their frame of mind stable. Such people will definitely be victorious in their lives.

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