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    What is the mantra for popularity in social media?

    Popularity! I find this word very confusing and difficult to define. Let me explain my point.

    Today morning I got the opportunity to write/post my comments/replies on various issues on a social media platform where I contribute regularly. Out of my submissions, one was on famous Hindu religious places/temples in north-eastern states. On the basis of my personal experience and after studying a lot, I wrote the answer describing three important temples/sites which are considered very sacred by the Hindus. I uploaded images of these sites and also discussed the history of these sites. After writing this detailed answer, I myself felt satisfied.

    Thereafter, I submitted another three-four posts on contemporary issues, mainly on international politics, hypocrisy of liberals and on lesser-known historical architecture.

    In the evening, I am astonished to find that the most informative answer (on religious places in the north-east) has got least number of views and no upvotes (till 7.30 p.m.). On the other hand, my posts/responses on hypocrisy of liberals, politics and historical architecture have got abundant blessings from the readers. I must admit that to write these posts, I didn't have to study much; basically I expressed my opinion on these issues with relevant images.

    Against this backdrop, I would request the villagers to explain the 'mantra' for gaining instant popularity. Should I write my posts/responses after studying relevant documents, or write attractive but hollow pieces accompanied with beautiful images?

    Guidance please!
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    My experience in social media so far is that only a select few posts on some particular topics get more views and more upvotes and more popularity rather than general subjects or even academic topics or subjects.
    For example a post like - How can I have good relations with my girl friend? - will attract more views than - What is the distance of Mars from Earth?
    I will be sharing more examples about this later may be in this thread or a fresh one.

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    The only mantra to be popular on social media is TO BE ORGINAL people love the content that is organised and is not repetitive .Also always take care of the viewer's view and create the content accordingly.

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    I am totally a big zero about this knowledge. Otherwise I would have a big earner from online content posting.

    Even when ISC was a general discussion channel, I did not know the secrets and techs or mantras for a successful online content earner.
    I have not installed the visit/readership software also. I simply post on whatever I am interested or attracted when I get spare time. In ISC whatever I earned was mostly because of the topic based contests and the ask expert answers on some general questions. Had I known the secret or mantra of online content posting, I could have earned much more.

    My online activity is restricted to ISC, SV only. I know only that much. Now that ISC is a education channel, my activity is restricted or limited in ISC also.

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    Social media is a place where people spend their leisure time and they never feel that this is a place to learn something. For them, they want excitement and happiness. So if we write what others want, we may become popular on social media platforms, I feel. If we try to educate them or teach them using this media, we will definitely be disappointed and that is what happened in your case also.
    Another point to be noted is the information on social media can never be taken as correct. I am not a regular viewer of Social Media. I am not active there. So I may not be correct in my opinion. But based on my experience and knowledge I always feel that social media is just for fun and time killing. Nobody wants to learn something from there.

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    Define popularity in the perspective of marketing. You are popular if you are well-known and favoured by the niche that you want to appeal to. This will never mean the world. Some things you consider as popular might either be unknown to some or vilified by others. Thus, what is popular to a small group might be non-existent or infamous for the rest of the world.

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