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    Will the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine affect the Indian export?

    During the last few years India is progressing ahead with a very good speed and there is over all economic development in the country. We are doing good on various fronts including the export segment.
    Unfortunately, a war has started in middle East due to the terrorist activities in Israel and now it is taking more time and a large number of countries are slowly and slowly getting involved in this confrontation.
    If the war continues for more time then many countries will be affected in terms of international business and import export of materials from one country to another. What is your perception about it? Will it also affect the export import business of India? Please share your views.
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    Any war is a disturbance not only to the people of the concerned nations, or the nearby countries, but to the whole world.
    The present day world being more interlinked by trade and commerce and migrations, war will have definite impacts.
    War affects the logistics and smooth movement of goods and services also. It becomes all the more if the warring countries are either large importers or exporters. Then there is the overall economical impact.

    In the current Israel-Gaza conflict, India will also be affected because of any or more of the above cited reasons.

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    I also think that it will be affected to some degree specially the import-export that are being done through that corridor.

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