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    A thread that connected us all .

    Their are often similarities that we found the people living around ourselves,be it language, clothing or culture.we all connected to some threads.Just like childrens are connected with playing with each other irrespective of anything say caste,creed,colour or any thing else.Their is always a thread that connects us all in all ages
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    Yes. India study channel and Social village are two threads that connects all the members. As mentioned by the author there will be a common thing that connects people.when we find a person speaking our language in a foreign country we will get interest and we go start talking to him. Here language is the common thread

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    A nice thought by author. Yes, we all are connected through some visible or invisible links or threads through which we communicate with each other irrespective of our differences.
    That is called unity in diversity and we all enjoy that.

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    Yes, the author explained in a poetical way. A Tamil writer, Ms. Sivasankari, wrote a book with caption as 'Chinna Noolkandaa nammai siraipaduththuvathu?" which means a small bundle of thread arrest us. This title she gave has literally no meaning but if read the same as second time, we can understand the stress in that. We bond ourselves with others through love which is here exampled as a thin thread. On any occasion we can cut the thread but we never because of love.

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