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    Same branded hotel in two locations with two different experiences

    When a big brand expands outside its original place of the first business, it is essential that there is a big standardization of the services, across the branches.

    The once successful Saravana Bhavan group of hotels of Chennai, innovated superbly in this regard and has even made it a big brand in New Delhi, where there is a massive crowd on the weekends.

    Very recently, upon huge recommendations from a number of friends, I happened to have lunch at the famous Subbiah Gari hotel in Vizag. At just Rs.270, in air-conditioned comfort, the food was fabulous. Our stay for a day at Vizag was memorable as the accommodation at Dasapala Executive Court was simply too good. We proceeded to Arakku Valley, and the vegetarian food options were few, though the place was superb.

    On our return, we took the prestigious Vande Bharat train to Vijayawada. It was superbly punctual and the journey was good too. The darshan at the Kanaga Durga temple at Vijayawada was very good too, though we did pay some money for the tickets.

    And then we had to wait for a small time at the same Subbiah Gari hotel at Vijayawada. Somehow or the other, the taste was just about okay, but the hygiene, the ambiance and the quality of food was just not the same as what we had at Vizag. We did inquire if was a franchise and we were told that it was another branch.

    Though we did not give any feedback to the concerned managers, it is pertinent for the Management to note that the Vijayawada facility needs to improve the offerings. The hygiene and the quality should equal that of Vizag,

    In the near future, it is also becoming clear that Vizag will become the de-facto capital of AP. It is a fabulous city with the most amazing people. It has the potential to become another Hyderabad in the years to come.
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    An interesting narration by the author. Same brand, same chain but difference in service. That shows how the management and the people who are working in the establishments make a difference within the same brand name at different places.
    Management of any setup is the most important aspect because a good management gives the desired satisfaction to the customer.

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    In some cities we can have good food items with superb taste. Especially in Madurai of Tamilnadu we can experience food with good taste and good service. In Madurai, recently we went to Sabareesh Hotels and Shriram Mess and had lunch therein. They serve the food by seeing the leaf, that is, we need not wait for server or needless to call. For this we cannot come to a conclusion that the crowd is very less. There is a good crowd in the lunch hall. Their care itself fill our stomach and mind with satisfaction.
    Similar care I have experienced in the cities like Trichy and Salem.
    We, the customers, only increase the proud and crowd for some hotels though they have poor service etc., by phrasing theirs as quality is high by construing their price.
    As for as coffee we can expect filter coffee only in certain cities as many are serving with instant powder coffee only.

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    Subbiah Gari Hotel is initially from Kakinada and is a very old hotel there. During my degree studies, we used to get food from this hotel. Even today it is very famous in Kakinada. After the demise of Subbiah, the founder of the hotel, his two sons got separated and both sons have hotels side by side in Kakinada and the name of both the hotels is Subbiah Gari hotel. Now they are starting branches in South Indian cities. Now they have branches in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore. I am not sure about Chennai.
    As mentioned by the author the quality of the food varies from branch to branch. I tasted food in almost all the places mentioned above. The food at the Bangalore branch is not very tasty. The best is the Kakinada branch for taste. But it is not very spacious in Kakinada. In Hyderabad also the food is very good. The speciality of these hotels is the hospitality. The suppliers will make you eat more and each and every customer will be satisfied with their way of serving the food.

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    Sir am afraid they have not opened any branch in Chennai. They are bound to make tonnes of money if they come to Chennai as the particular type of food I had at Vizag was and is the best Vegetarian Thali I have ever had in my life. All that they need to do is to bring the same high quality to Chennai. Create another Vizag in Chennai.
    Even National lodge, which is not even 50 percent as tasty as Subbaiah Gari, is priced at Rs180. If Subbaiah Gari can give so many items, thousands of upper middle class customers will simply flock to the hotel. I do hope that day comes soon.

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