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    Was it a sweet revenge?

    How satisfactory it was I don't know! It began with a small step of friendship but later on, it turned out somewhat strange. The furry animal used to visit the doorstep of the family at night every day. The family members gave it the leftovers every night and it relished them. A boy, a relative of that family, came for a visit and stayed there for a couple of days. The boy also followed the routine and gave his leftovers to the furry animal at night. This went on initially for the first couple of days. For the next few days, the boy visited other places with his friends in the evening and had their dinner outside, although he used to return to the relative's place at night. The furry animal missed the leftovers of the boy during those nights and I am sure observed the boy's return every night. One fine morning while getting ready to go out, the boy found one sock from the pair that was kept outside and above a rack in the balcony missing. He was clueless and used a different pair. From that night onwards the furry animal stopped visiting the family at night but used to visit during the day.

    After the boy returned to his hometown, he heard that one of the socks that went missing was found near the garden of the house and his relatives picked it up. Whose handiwork can it be? Was it the furry animal? Was it a sweet revenge?
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    The consciousness and intelligence level of the animals is not as good as that of the human beings but if we keenly observe their behaviour and activities we will find that they also have some feelings and sentiments though they are not able to express and communicate that to us in a human way.
    The example given in this satire is definitely the expressions of the furry animal towards its feeders.

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