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    Price of tomato in two neighbouring countries

    Tomato is very essential in preparation of various food-items in North India and also in Pakistan. Yesterday someone asked me about the price of tomato in Pakistan. So, I did a little bit research on internet and found that in the month of September 2023, 1 kg. of tomato cost Pakistani Rs. 242/- in Lahore and Pakistani Rs. 203/- in Islamabad (after strict price-control in the capital city).

    However, the situation has improved a lot in November 2023 (after Pakistan got some loan from IMF and other sources). In November 2023, 1 kg. of tomato cost Rs. 170/- (Pakistani currency) in Karachi.

    In this context, I would like to add that today morning I went to the Safal green vegetable selling shop in our locality (South Delhi). I purchased a kilo of fresh red tomato paying Rs. 42/- (needless to say, in Indian currency). Some of my online friends have been feeling sorry hearing this. A Mysuru-based friend and another Nasik-based friend have said that they are getting tomato @ INR 15/- per kilo.

    Now, I am feeling very bad! But, I would like to know how much are the villagers paying to get 1 kilo of tomato?
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    In Hyderabad, as of now, the rate of tomatoes is about Rs.40/-. This rate is in Rytu Bazaar. Earlier, ie 2 or 3 months back, the rate was as high as Rs.160/-. But it has come down.
    We in South India also use tomatoes regularly in making our food. We mix this with various other vegetables and also with dal. We use this in Rasam, and Sambar also. We make chutney with Tomatoes. Tomatoes will be always there in our fridge and sometimes we eat them raw combining with sugar.

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    The rate of tomatoes in the market in my area that is Navi Mumbai is still on higher side and we are getting 1 kg of tomatoes for rupees in the range of 55 to 65.
    I am sure that farmers would not be getting more than 5 to 10 rupees for a kilo but the middlemen and transportation adds to the cost and this item becomes costlier in cities. Still, I feel that it should not be more than Rs 35-40 per kilo and definitely there are some middlemen who are creating this price rise to make quick money.

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