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    Are you aware of good old age homes in India?

    There are many senior citizens who are looking for old age home for a convenient and peaceful life. Some of them are either not having children or their children are working in foreign countries and not able to take their care and these are the old people who definitely need an old home for their old age.
    Are you aware of some good old age homes where old people who can afford the expenses of such old age homes could live? Please share the information.
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    There are many old age homes in Hyderabad. But I know about only one such home which is very near to my house. It is called Pranam. This old age home is in a gated community campus called Saket in AS Rao Nagar, Kapra, Hyderabad.
    Here people can stay in separate units with a room and washroom and all necessities are being organised by the organisers. Food, medical assistance, and maintenance of the living units will be taken care of by the organisers. Here the old age people staying can order food for guests who come to see them by paying additional cost. Very rich people who wanted to have a peaceful life without any problems.

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    It seems there are different types of old age homes in our country. Some are costlier while some might not be so costly.
    It would be difficult for a middle class person to afford the high end old age home.

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    It is easy to think of spending life's end-years in an old age home if one has nobody who would support you and it is difficult to manage by oneself, especially if one has health problems. However, finding an affordable one is the problem. After all, one has to pay a monthly or annual sum that can run into five figures even and very few people really have that kind of money. That is why some elderly people prefer staying by themselves if they can, hiring an attendant, servants, etc if necessary.

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    Old age home is a word people would like to not to utter. In most cases it brings a feeling of living under third party care and not getting care from own close relatives. It connotes an orphaned feeling.

    Hence now the word 'Senior Citizen Living' is replacing it. Old age home connotes a sort of charity living, but "senior Citizen living' gives a feeling of dignity and independence.
    Just for info and awareness and a sort of alternate provision, I enquired by phone a couple of well advertised 'Senior Citizen Homes'. They offered 1bhk to 3 Bhk flats and villas, each costing equal or more of similar properties. They showed great demand also for them.

    I asked for some leased or rental ones, and they told me to wait for some time when available.
    These will be good alternative as far as there is a solid system established and functional for proper geriatric care including emergency medical assistance and senior friendly ambience and community living.

    I heard from some of the people who had ben living in such places that overall they are okay, but not perfect. There is always gap between promise and performance.
    So I came to the conclusion that everything will be okay as far as one has normal health and money.

    Old age homes or senior citizen homes cannot be a replacement or substitute for living with one's own close family and care. But hen for some( and many nowadays) this may not be easily available; and hence becomes the next best alternative.

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