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    Happy to share my achievement in social village site

    Social village site emerged as a general site for the contributors especially after the announcement that its parent site ISC was going to focus only in educational area. Many members of ISC including me started to contribute in this site in a humble and modest way. Though we were contributing in a limited way as the activity was growing slowly, still some of us could contribute in a regular way.

    While going through the dashboard a few days back I found that I had crossed the 1000 marks for my accumulated points in this site. Even with my little activity, I felt happy about that and wanted to share it with the members.
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    I am really very happy to note that Umesh Sir has crossed 1000 points in this site. The popularity of this site would be possible only because of dedicated members like him.
    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    Well done, Umesh! We have only a few members here who are making a sincere and enthusiastic attempt to contribute to the forum if not other sections, and you are one of them. We appreciate your zeal- and it is not "little" for sure!

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    Subsequent to ISC becoming a focused educational site, Social Village was formed to take up the internet tasks which were erstwhile done in ISC and from that point of view I was very excited and interested to contribute here.
    Unfortunately, due to my recent health reasons my contributions in ISC decreased much and I am now almost confined to the forum contributions only of course both in ISC as well as Social Village site.
    In light with my sentimental attachment with Social Village site, I would once again request all the ISC members to spare some time, if possible, to contribute in this general site which in my view has good potential for future growth.

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    Congratulations to you, Umesh. You are working hard to see that this site will get popular. I appreciate your hard work and the top bosses of the site will recognise your contributions. Like you, I am also trying to spend some time here. I will try further to see if I can spend more time on this site.

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    Congratulations, Umesh sir and our appreciation to you for your passion for SV as well. You are undoubtedly one of the enthusiasts who wants to see this site grow and with all of your efforts, which cannot be termed as little in any way, this site will become popular after some time.

    Take ample rest and proper care for your health and I am sure you will be fine within a short period. Our best wishes are always with you.

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    Sankalan, thanks a lot for your kind words. Appreciate much, thanks.

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    You are a consistent and focused contributor in ISC as well as SV. Your good effort pays.
    Let this be a motivating one for others also.

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    Thanks a lot Mr Venkiteswaran. Your words of motivation mean a lot. We have seen your wise and prudent contributions in ISC as well as in this site and your presence in this portal is a honor to all of us. Thanks.

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