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    Importance of seasoning in cooking

    Seasoning is an important part of cooking especially in Indian cooking. Seasoning means to effectively bring out the natural flavour of the food and make the dish perfectly without changing the flavour of the food items. Salt, pepper, acids etc are the most common items for seasoning the food. They are generally added midway or near the end of the cooking period.
    In Indian cooking a good number of spices are also added to the dish and they give enhanced flavour to the dish prepared. But we have to take care in selecting the spices as per the food items and Indian people know that well and continuously learn that art from their elders. A disproportionate amount of spices or seasoning items can spoil a dish losing its original flavour and charm.
    A person who knows the correct amount of spices to be added in a particular dish and also proper use of seasoning items can prepare a good dish and prove his or her culinary skills.

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    I think the author should give a link to the contest announced thread at the bottom of the thread above.
    A good post from the author and he detailed the seasoning of the food. We make various pickles keep them for one year and eat whenever we like to eat. Seasoning these pickles is very important. Otherwise, they will get spoiled.
    The same is the case with cooking food. But these seasoning practices may vary from person to person based on their likes. I want less spicy food. some may like more spicy food.

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    I have interest in preparing new dishes and seasoning is one of the most important thing that we utilise in preparing these dishes and establishing the recipe. A good cook can prepare an exotic dish using proper seasoning.

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