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    In future, how Team India can win the World Cup?

    In India, there is more focus on Cricket than any other sport, and cricket is played in different forms like IPL, ICC bi-lateral and tri-lateral series, etc. Still, our country lifted the ICC World Cup only two times.

    The final match this year was heart-breaking which went the other way compared to the league and the semi-final games.

    According to you what was the missing factor that haunted us to make the final leap to achieve the target of winning the Cup? Is it the skills, mindsets, or the lack of leadership?

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    Time factor and luck. These are the two things that are not favouring our team. Our team is the best team and luck is not favouring them.
    In the recent World Cup, our team is the team which has lost only one game. But unfortunately, that is the final. All other teams including the winner Australia lost more than one game.
    We have many good players and there are many good players in the making. The senior players of India are trying to train the new and budding players in the country.
    This time our players showed excellent confidence also. Even in the final match, they never showed any stress and played well. But losing the toss made them lose the final I think. Rohit led the team well and Kohli also displayed his talent.

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    I think that team India is already doing a good job and gradually there improving their fielding as well as batting. So there are good chances that team India lifts the cup or trophy in various cricket tournaments scheduled in the future.
    It is said that inspite of so much efforts the game of cricket is a matter of chance and if that supports us we would bring Laurels back home.

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    By playing well and outperforming the opponent team in the final India can win the World Cup. This applies to any tournament and along with a superb performance in the league matches the winning team has to hold the nerve in big matches. I would say that the Aussies are superb in holding their nerves in big matches and that's why their rate of success in the finals is much better. On the other hand, many good teams even lose big matches because they cannot handle the pressure on that day.

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    Team India's World Cup success hinges on a mix of skill refinement, mental toughness, and solid leadership. We need to work on closing gaps in crucial game moments, fostering a winning mindset, and ensuring consistent and effective leadership. It's about striking the right balance to secure future victories on the global stage.

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