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    Season is a tool to preach

    The word 'season' has completely seasoned human beings in a way that the entire human race instantly thinks about the seasons we come across throughout the year as summer, winter, autumn, spring and rain. Is it this much only, or the creator of this world has proposed something much more through the seasons for human beings to understand life as a whole?

    Neither life is the same for a person throughout one's lifetime, nor it's uniform among every human being. Happy or sad, successful or unsuccessful, wealthy or needy, healthy or unhealthy are the different states in which people lead their lives. So, it's natural that people do not have a similar life. They adjust to climate, health, finance, relationships, fate and whatnot.

    Thus, the various seasons throughout the year set an example for people regarding managing their lives in mountains, plains, poles, deserts or coastal areas. Similarly, God preaches lessons through the season to one's supreme creation, human beings, on how to lead their lives when personal challenges come their way due to finance, health, attitude, education and others.

    My submission for the contest 'Season'
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    A nice thought presented by the author using the topic - season. It is true that we learn a lot from changing seasons as we have to adapt to it with all out efforts.
    This struggle helps us in fighting and managing the vissicitudes in our lives and that is what makes a person going forward in pursuit for success and prosperity.

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    That is true. In a year seasons will be changing from time to time. All of us will make arrangements to live and conduct ourselves normally in different seasons. in the same way, we may be facing different challenges and different circumstances in our lives. We have to adjust ourselves and go ahead to continue our living. The main difference between the seasons like summer and winter we don't know what will the problem we may be facing. There is no specific cycle or periodicity. We should get prepared to face any type of situation in our lives and we should carry on.

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    We all accommodate with the changing seasons and learn a great deal as how to protect ourselves from the severity of a particular season. We also learn a good number of things about nature and its changing behaviour during the different seasons. Changing seasons keep us alert and prepare for the ensuing times.

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