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    How to protect people and properties during cyclones?

    Michaung cyclone originated as a low-pressure area in the Gulf of Thailand and then crossed into the Bay of Bengal on December 2, 2023. It developed into a severe cyclonic storm with sustained winds of 110 km/h causing heavy rainfall in north-eastern Tamil Nadu including Chennai and south-eastern Andhra Pradesh before making landfall near Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh on December 5, 2023.
    It caused a lot of destruction in that area and the urban life was badly shattered as the city lanes were flooding with water.
    What in your opinion are the precautions and other measures to be taken as such situations can again come in future as this particular season is having cyclone tendencies which can get severe at times?
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    The Bay of Bengal is always prone to cyclones and that is making East Coast people suffer a lot frequently. At the same time, the Pacific Ocean is not very prone to such calamities. I don't know what factor contributes to this.
    We all know that technology is improving and we can get information about the problems in climate etc through the weather forecasting satellites launched by ISRO. So as soon as the information is received the government should get alert and start making all necessary arrangements for rescuing the population in the risk-prone area. Sufficient cyclone relief centres should be created and maintained well so that people can come and take shelter there. All government authorities should work to help the needy and see that the damage is minimal. In this regard, I recollet the services rendered by the then AP government headed by Nara Chandrababu Naidu in providing shelter to the people of Visakhapatnam at the time of Hudhud.

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    Because of the unpredictable weather all around the globe, cyclones have increased a lot. It is always better to take steps to minimize the destruction. The citizens and the administration have a role to play. Strategies have to be formulated to tackle situations during cyclones. Identifying the cyclone-prone areas is important which is possible nowadays with the use of the latest technologies. To minimize the destruction, the types of construction should be such that they can withstand strong winds. The authorities must inspect the constructions and certify them without indulging in any illegal/unapproved construction. Structures and buildings which are under construction should be properly shielded whenever there is a warning of a cyclone and it has to be supervised that the developers carry out the instructions. The trees and their branches must be trimmed at regular intervals so that the branches do not become excessively large which becomes difficult to remove during the clearing-up process. Keeping the emergency services alert to move out in any adverse situation is necessary. Keeping the roads clean and litter-free also has a role. During heavy rains the drainage system can be blocked by litter which becomes unmanageable and every citizen has a role here. We must keep our neighbourhood clean and should not throw waste here and there. During any cyclone or severe storm the power goes off. Many times it is kept off as a protective measure and in such cases, some arrangement of a backup system should be there. Power generators are the option during this time and sufficient generators and fuel should be in place so that the essential services can be maintained during the crisis.

    For citizens, remaining aware of the cyclone warnings and finding a safe place during the cyclone is important. Keeping essential items like batteries and torches, dry foods, potable water, etc are a must. During the absence of power, a portable radio receiver can help maintain awareness of the latest weather updates. The important thing is not to panic but to remain aware of the latest situation and act accordingly.

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