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    Why many threads are getting no attention by other members?

    We are seeing some new threads that are being posted by some of the members on this site. But many such threads are going unnoticed. Many of such threads are not getting any responses. I don't know whether any member is reading them are not.
    The very purpose of opening threads here is to have a good discussion on the point raised by an author in his/ her thread. When there are no responses, the other will feel that his efforts are going in vain and the purpose of opening the thread is defeated.
    I suggest members spend some time reading the threads opened by other members and try to make at least a small note about their views and observations on the topic so that the author of the thread will be encouraged to come out with some more threads. Then only traffic to this site will enhance I feel.
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    Dr Rao, I agree with you that members should read each other's posts and then respond to them accordingly to keep the discussion moving. To increase the traffic on the site, new threads are a must and equally, responding to the threads is essential. Maybe only a couple of members are posting and then when a new member looks into those posts, she/he prefers to post something new rather than responding to the posts. We need to encourage each other by responding to each other's posts and I feel, we need to post a good number of threads regularly even if there is no encouragement initially. I do not know whether the number of threads posted regularly has a role here or not. Maybe members feel discouraged by the smaller number of posts daily.

    Let's post more numbers of threads daily to find out what happens.

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    Sankalan, I agree with you. Some activity should continue on the site. Either new posts or responding to old posts. It is ideal if both run parallelly. Let us do our work and wait for the result.

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    Yes, let's make a little effort. Although I am not really, very frankly, an active Webmaster like earlier, I will try when I can to drop in, to post a thread and participate in discussions like I was doing in the early months of this year. Perhaps I can organize a couple of forum-based activities as well to attract more members.

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    Some members (including me) are already contributing in this site though not on a very regular basis but a little more push and more members starting contributing here would definitely increase the traffic and then the desired results would be there.
    We already have one regular contest every month and I hope that more such contests would follow in coming times.

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    The feeling that the site does not get the attention and focus and push it was intended, made me also not to be active in the site. Overall the turnover was abysmal.
    However if it is felt that the site will get its due attention and blessings, then the members will definitely flock in.

    Let me also try t be more active here.

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    As mentioned by Vandana, if a couple of forum-based activities are organised by the concerned we may see some regular activity on this site I feel. Anyhow, if regular contributions are not there, we may not get the desired output. So it is the think tank of the site to decide how they can bring some talented members regularly onto this site and also how to encourage regular members, I feel.

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