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    Is it mandatory to renew the Aadhaar Card?

    About a year ago, I had updated my Aadhaar Card. That is, I submitted the form with the detail of my email ID as that was not provided earlier when I had applied the first time and received the card. Now we are often seeing print ads and online reports that 10 years after the issuance of the Aadhaar Card, we should again take a fresh one, that is, "update"/"renew" it for security reasons.

    I wish to know whether any of you have done so, and whether it is really mandatory. I have just one Aadhaar Help Kiosk nearby and there is invariably a long queue there (I had to wait for my turn for more than an hour), hence don't really feel inclined to go through the process again. What's more, the biometric machine on which I had to press my thumb, did not catch the data, so the official was repeatedly wiping the machine and my thumb every now and then, until, after nearly half a dozen tries, the biometric data got registered. Who really wants to go through all that again!

    Don't forget to complete the re-KYC of your bank account if you have got instructions to do so.
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    As per the guidelines issued by Aadhaar authority one should get the Aadhaar Card updated if there is any change in address or any other parameter. It is also mentioned that for security reasons one may also update or renew the Aadhar Card after 10 years but it is not mandatory as per my understanding.

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    The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is urging citizens to update their Aadhaar if it was generated ten years ago but till now it is not mandatory to update unless there is an address change or you require any correction in it. Keeping all the documents up to date is necessary to avail hassle-free services, which may be why UIDAI is insisting on it. The thing is we do not wish to go for updating documents unless it is really necessary. When it becomes urgent for a purpose we run helter-skelter and if it cannot be completed on time then another problem may crop up. I think, to avoid this the authorities are regularly issuing a notification to keep it updated. For example, if one moves to a new place within ten years but does not update the address in Aadhaar it may not create much problem. She/he may use the previous Bank account with the previous address. But if the Bank issues a mandate to update the address then she/he has to update the address in Aadhaar first. Now, if the Aadhaar remains updated the process at the Bank will not take much time.

    Interestingly, the document update process for Aadhaar at remains free of cost till 14/03/2024. Earlier the date was 14/12/2023 and now they have extended it.

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    As far as I know, renewing an Aadhar card is not mandatory. But in some cases, if we produce an Aadhar card as proof, some agencies are asking for renewal details of the card. I am using a card that is not renewed but updated sometime back with a change of Phone Number.
    I tried renewing my card online. But it is not getting renewed online. I may have to visit the nearest Aadhar Centre to get it renewed. As mentioned by the author we have to spend a lot of time to get it renewed at the centre as a very long line will be there. So far nobody is asking about the renewal status of the Aadhar card. I suggest the members get a Plastic Aadhar card by paying Rs.50/. I think that it will serve the renewal clause also,

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