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    Have you used the services of online property portals to purchase or rent a house?

    There are quite a few popular websites that list properties. There will be information on upcoming projects, houses that somebody wants to sell, or give on rent or lease it out. Owners and buyers both find such sites useful. Of course, due diligence is essential since buying a house involves a lot of money. It is imperative to check out not just the location and the house itself, but also the builders and developers who have constructed it. One should check reviews of their work of other projects and see if there any complaints about their work or if they are in legal tangles.

    Have you ever browsed through a housing portal and visited the location of a prospective house? What has been your experience of the whole process? Of course, you need not give specifics of where or the costs, just your general experience and some useful tips for both buyers and sellers.
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    So far I do not have any experience of this because we were either going directly to see the property or going through a broker. Anyway it makes sense to visit the related online sites and have an exhaustive knowledge about the properties and their rates in a particular area so that one can shortlist one's requirement.

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    No. I have not used online services for the mentioned purpose so far.
    Both sons purchased one apartment each. The elder one is in Bangalore and the younger one is in Hyderabad. Both of them used online services for searching and then they visited the sites and finalised the apartments they liked. They feel that their search has become easy because of these online portals.

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    I have recently read reports about fraudsters posing as real estate agents and duping buyers. They show the buyer the flat and documents and say that in order to reserve the flat for them the buyer should pay X amount as a first intallment, then after a couple of weeks take the second installment, and finally the rest of the money. Then, when the buyer goes to the flat to take possession, he is in shock to see that the flat is not for sale at all, perhaps somebody else has been sold the flat or even a bank or Court seal is on the door.

    Money for a property is often something that has been saved over many years through earnings of hard work and all of a sudden the dream of owning one's own home has sadly evaporated. Despite such reports widely covered in the media, people continue to be duped. Even if the fraudster is arrested, it is rare to get the entire money back since by that time the money will have been spent by the fraudster or siphoned off to some unknown account.

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