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    High resolution camera improves image quality manifold

    Resolution in photography indicates the amount of information or detail an image holds, which is measured in Mega-Pixels (MP). A high resolution camera has more Mega-Pixels (than the ordinary camera). This allows such high resolution camera to capture finer details, sharper edges and clearer images.

    The improvement in image quality is clearly noticeable when images are viewed at larger sizes or when cropped. Increased resolution results in images with greater clarity, allowing more extensive editing and cropping without loss of quality.

    High resolution cameras create sharper images by using sensors which contain more pixels, enabling capturing more information in each shot. As a result, when an image is enlarged or printed, sharper and more detailed images are available. Furthermore, high resolution cameras generally offer better colour accuracy. This creates more vibrant and life-like images.

    Nowadays, all professional photographers use high resolution cameras. As a result, quality of photos/images has been improving day by day. The cost of high resolution cameras depends on different factors like brand, model, features, auto-focus system, etc. Needless to say, the cost of high resolution cameras is much higher than the cost of ordinary cameras. Entry-level cost of high resolution camera of reputed brands is Rs. 50,000/- plus tax. Cameras used by professionals with 45-50 MP or more can cost Rs. 5 lakh or even more.

    (Competition entry: January 2024 Topic-based contest)
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    The author has used the word resolution very nicely in this write up and has provided a very good information about the high resolution camera.
    I remember in earlier days when mobile phones were introduced and cameras were made available to the user then we were taking a lot of pictures with the mobile camera but when we saw those pictures in the laptop or desktop computers then they looked faint and dim because at that time the resolution of cameras was not high. Today good mobile phones are having 10 to 15 megapixel cameras in them and quite good photos are captured by the user. Of course, the professional cameras which have a very high resolution in the range of 40 to 60 megapixel can give more astonishing results.

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    A good educative post from the author in connection with the topic-based contest for January. Having a camera in the house was an indication of our richness once upon a time. But now everybody has cameras in their hand. Anytime they can take a photograph and then can shoot a video. Very high-resolution cameras are being used in mobiles these days and the photos are very attractive. A nice presentation from the author. Very high resolution cameras are used for scientific studies and these cameras cost very high.

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