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    Add value to remove the boundary

    We are social beings and dependent on each other in many ways all the time. Many may think that they can do it all alone but in reality, it's rather impossible. In some way or the other, we require the services of others. There is a tendency among some people to think only of themselves and their families, it may be good for them but I feel by doing that, they are creating a boundary around themselves. I am trying to provide one example to show how this boundary is created.

    There are people around us who are not helpful still, many depend on their activities in some way. Maybe the person is a grocer in one locality and people in that area are dependent on his shop. Though people in that area are dependent on his grocery shop, can we say that he is adding value to others' lives? Adding value to others is contributing something in others' lives that makes them feel better and worthy and in this case, the grocer is just doing business by selling food and household items to others. People will not go to him unless they have a requirement. In this case, people will cross the boundary only when it is required. On the other hand, if the same grocer can add value to others' lives then people will not hesitate to cross the boundary and many times will enquire about his well-being even if there is no requirement. Adding value is as simple as talking to others in a nice manner, having a sense of gratitude for others or lending a helping hand when needed so that the other person feels that there is someone to accompany her/him at that moment. So whatever the situation you are in, if you can add some value to others' lives you will not feel lonely.
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    If we remove boundary partitions in harvesting fields we will get additional places for harvesting. That is why community plantation is always thought to be a better option. As mentioned by the author we are all social beings and we require help and support from other human beings to lead a happy life. Even a silver plate requires a wall support to stand. We may be having money but it will not come in handy when you are hungry. You should have some food to eat.
    So we should be good with other people and that will make us happy and avoid the feeling of lonely living.

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    We are creating a selfish boundary around us and then that is the main reason for our isolation from one another. A good human is one who doesn't create such boundaries and mixes with other people by helping them and having a happy and cordial atmosphere.

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