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    Peaceful resolution of all disputes

    Confrontations and conflicts between different nations are a very common thing today and many times that leads to war between them. A war is a devastating thing. A lot of life and property is lost during wars and many people have to leave their native place and live in other places as refugees. Common people do not want war and fear it much but they get entangled in its trap without any fault of theirs. War brings misfortune, bad times, and misery to many and it is a curse for the humanity. Both the parties in a war lose heavily and then rehabilitation and reconstruction becomes a big challenge due to lack of resources in a post war arena. War is certainly a dreadful thing.
    War must be avoided at any cost and the only way to achieve that is to resolve the differences by mutual talks and meetings at higher level. Peaceful resolution of all the disputes is an essential activity that all the countries in the world should look upto. Buying and manufacturing weapons of mass destruction is to be stopped if humans want to dwell on this planet for a long time. Going for war frequently will be the sole reason for human extinction from Earth.
    This is my entry for monthly topic based forum contest for the month of January 2024.
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    True. Peaceful settlements are always better than unnecessary controversies and fighting. But sometimes if one person is trying to settle an issue peacefully, the other person is thinking that the other side is weak. In such situations, one should not go back to prove his correctness.
    As mentioned by the author, wars are no good for all the parties involved. In Kurukshetra in the war between Kauravas and Pandavas, Pandavas won. However, after the war, the Pandavas were not very happy as they lost their near and dear people in the war. If Duryodhana accepted a peaceful resolution, all these killings might have been avoided.
    India is always against wars. But when Pakistan started fighting we have no other option than countering it and we successfully did it.

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