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    Both the parties should be ready for resolution

    Whenever there is a conflict or confrontation between two parties then generally they go for negotiations and talks and various meetings are held at different levels to reach to an amicable solution. Most of the times during the negotiations some compromises are made from both the sides and after adjusting with each others expectations and their own ambitions some final result is obtained to which both the parties agree. Such negotiations are fruitful and end with a happy note.
    Unfortunately, in many cases negotiations do not take place so smoothly and there is no resolution between the parties. In such cases the conflict remains as it is and with time it escalates further. Each party blames other for the failure of talks.
    Creative and constructive participation in the negotiation meeting is required from the both sides for a successful resolution of the dispute otherwise it will get unresolved.

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    Resolution of conflict is a long process and takes time. That process can be accelerated by mutual understanding and positive attitude. When both the parties are ready to listen to each other then only resolution is possible.

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