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    At times resolutions should be broken

    Well, I am sure that most readers will not agree with the title of this write-up, but once you reach the end of the write-up, you will agree with my thought process.

    Usually, people make some promises and fulfilling them becomes mandatory, but that's not fair in every situation. The question arises that's why not? Let's take the example of some negative resolution in the Parliament. Everyone knows that in Parliament, a member can put forth a proposal for discussion among the parliamentarians, which is known as a motion, and later when the motion is up for voting, it becomes a resolution. In that case, sometimes some resolutions get more negative votes, and that's how it becomes a negative resolution. Whether it is right or wrong to negate a particular resolution is a secondary point here. The moot point is a resolution gets broken.

    Leave aside a parliament and consider a person who resolves to inflict pain on someone. Harming others brutally, highjacking, ruining the economy, spreading rumours like fire, and carrying on unlimited malpractices are some sick desires. If such desires become a resolution for someone, rejection or control over it is a must. Is such a resolution worth appreciating? Not at all. Thus, breaking negative-minded resolutions is necessary for society's betterment and healthy living.

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    The author has brought another dimension about resolutions clearly bringing out that sometimes resolution also requires to be broken. Resolutions with bad intentions are to dealt with strongly and should not be allowed to continue.

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    All these days I think that a resolution can be broken only after taking a resolution. But now the author says a resolution can be broken even before taking.
    When a point is presented in the parliament or Assembly for discussion, all the members will discuss and finally it may be approved or may not be approved. Now as per the author not approved motions can be taken as broken resolutions. As mentioned by Umesh, it may be a new dimension.
    Sometimes, we take some resolutions. We implement them strictly. But sometimes because of some unforeseen or unexpected happenings, we may have to go back on those resolutions. In such cases also we can say that sometimes resolutions should be broken.

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