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    Resolved not to take resolutions

    I am a student of chemistry. Hence I am quite familiar with term 'solution'. So when I first encountered the word resolution,( in the then New Year) I had a doubt whether it has some connection to chemical solution. I also had doubts whether the meaning is linked to the prefix 're' as in other words with 're'.

    But the mystery got solved or shall I say 'resolved' on my attempts to know more. On finding the meaning connected to new year, I resolved to take a firm New Year ' resolution'. But very soon I found that I lacked the spirit and will to stick to that resolution and my New Year solution became liquified and flowed out without any trace.

    It was then that I resolved not to take any open resolutions and I am happy to declare that I am still sticking to that resolution of 'no more resolutions'.

    ( This is an entry forJanuary 2024 Topic-based contest - Resolution)
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    This is an interesting post by the author. It is true that there is no point in taking resolutions if we are not ready to implement that.

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    Always it is better not to take any resolution, instead of taking a resolution and not implementing the same. Many people make resolutions but never implement them.
    When I was working with an organisation MD of the organisation asked me what are my New Year resolutions. I told him no resolutions were taken. He asked me why. I told him just for the sake of taking some resolutions we should not take. If we are serious only we should take resolutions and implement them. He said it was true. I remembered this conversation when I read this post.

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