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Second prize winner for the monthly topic-based contest in January 2024.
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    While resolution is a motion, motion itself is a resolution

    I am an ardent admirer of languages ,especially when those languages have words with various meanings and contextual usages which always give many points to ponder and also entertains and enlightens me. I like puns very much.

    Today I am seized with such an interesting word- Resolution.
    Most of us are familiar with the one meaning in connection with New Year resolutions.
    The next meaning many of us would have learned in our academics is hat of finding a remedy or solving a problem.
    A modern popularity the word resolution has found is with the popularity of smart phones where the word is mostly used in the context of efficacy or clarity of the photos and videos by the inbuilt cameras in the smart phones. It has become so popular that the measure of it 'pixel' is a very common familiar term even to zero-tech people also.
    Frankly only today I came to know the term has usage in the field of medicine related field. There it means Absorption or breaking down of the products of inflammation; decomposition.
    But what amused me the most is after my working in a social organisation where it was an unwritten custom to present and pass resolutions. In law and politics it is a very common and practiced word.

    In legislatures a resolution has to be 'moved' or presented and so it is termed as a motion. However in parlance motion also stands for 'bowel motion'. And as such ease of bowel motion or just motion in commonly known dialogue, is a resolution of many ills.
    Thus by a circumlocution, I have justified my tile to this thread: While resolution is a motion, motion itself is a resolution

    (This is an entry for January 2024 Topic-based contest - Resolution)
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    Timely motion indicates the health of the person. My father always tells me this. Now with this thread from the author, I understand that motion itself is an indication that many illnesses are cured.
    The author attempted to give various meanings of the word resolution. Good presentation.

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