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    So many options and facilities in a mobile phone!

    We are using mobiles in our daily lives. It has become an integral part of our day to day routines. With the advancement in technology the mobile softwares are becoming more and more powerful. There are so many options and facilities under the settings menu. That is a good thing but for an ordinary user to understand all those settings and to go in the details of that is a very cumbersome and inconvenient process.
    What is your experience of these facilities in a mobile phone? Please share your views.
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    I would say it's not so tough for the user. The main thing is that you have to spend some time with the device and applications to know about their proper functionality. Nowadays, with the mobile device you can do almost anything and for each function there is a dedicated application which we call an app in short. For messaging there are a couple of apps, for listening to music there are a couple of apps and so on. The interesting part is user settings which may be a bit complicated in the beginning. It's always better to refer to the user manual of the device before we start and there you will find all the options and settings in detail. The user manual of the specific model is also available online and if there is any confusion one can search the specific issue on the internet also. To know the use of many applications you will get Youtube videos where things are explained in a good way. There may be a lot of apps installed in your device but it is advisable to keep only those apps that you will use. You can always delete/deactivate the apps you are not using and thus can lessen the complication.

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    The usage of mobile phone is really immense. Yesterday, I was returning from my office in city bus. On the way my bus crossed a women's college, many girls boarded in the bus. When the bus moved to next stopping, a girl started to got panic that she kept her hand purse in the class itself and she tried to got down from the bus. But a friend of her console her and immediately called another friend over her mobile to get the purse of her to the next stopping. She, another friend confirmed that she got the purse. Such immediate action could be done through mobile.
    Similarly we can book train tickets for long journey, EMU train tickets, cinema tickets, foods online, auto/scooter/taxi through ola/uber/rapido etc.,
    One of my friend used his mobile as to enter daily expenses by downloading xl in his phone.

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