Travel guide for Haryana with places its history, places to visit and geography

This article gives you detail information about various tourist places in the state of Haryana. Read this article to know the various tourist places, ways to reach these places, accommodation, highlights of these tourist places, weather and the nearest railway stations and airports.

History of Haryana

The Hindu religion considers Vedas as its main Holy texts. It contains scriptures of 5000 years compiled by knowledgeable Rishis (Hindu saints) during that period. These Rishis gave Haryana a special place in the scriptures because of its glorious history. Haryana is also considered as the birthplace of ancient Indian Vedic civilization. Haryana is the place where Lord Krishna gave Arjun the commandants of Karma and Dharma is our life which was complied in Bhagwad Gita and is considered the most important text for a fulfilling life. Haryana is the place where not only Mahabharat took place on the grounds of Kurukshetra but it was also written by Rishi Ved Vyas on the banks of river Sarswati. Haryana is the place where the glorious Bharat dynasty took birth and whose name was finally used to name our whole country, Bharat. Mahabharat is the recording of the epic battle that took place between the Kauravas and Pandavas in the city of Kurukshetra of Haryana. Some recent excavations at the sites of Kunal and Banawali have revealed some more glorious history of Haryana. The area of Haryana was under the Mauryan Empire in 3 BC. Later it became an important turning point of power change to the Mughals when they won the Battle of Panipat in 1526. Mughal ruled the area until 1803 after which the British took control of it. In 1832 the British made it a part of the North-Western Province. After independence in 1966, the Punjab Reorganization act was passed which gave Haryana the status of the17th state of the country.

Geography of Haryana

Haryana is the 16th largest state of India. It can be divided into two natural areas- the sub-Himalayan Terai and Indo-Gangetic plain. These plains of Haryana together with parts of Punjab are called as the bowl of our country due to high fertility of this area which allows large production of food grains for the whole country. The plain slopes from North to South and has a height of 700 to 900 ft from the sea level. The south west region of Haryana is mostly desertified. Haryana has no perennial rivers flowing through it and has only one river named Ghaggar flowing in the northern edge of the state. Haryana shares it boundary with 6 states out of which Delhi is connected to Haryana from three land borders. With Uttar Pradesh it has the border in the east, with Punjab in the west, Himachal Pradesh and Shivalik in the north and Delhi, Rajasthan and Aravali hills in the southern side.

Tourism in the state of Haryana

Haryana has been a host to various social and cultural activities from the ancient vedic times. Various saints, monks and Sikh gurus has taken birth as well as traversed this land to spread the message of love peace and prosperity. It has a rich history and has been a witness to the invasion of Mughals as well as battles of Sikhs and Marathas. Haryana has many other tourist attractions too which are Badhkal Lake, Dabchik, Jungle Babbler, Karna Lake, Kala teetar, Surajkund and Yadvindra Gardens at Pinjore. The district of Faridabad in Haryana is the host of the intenationally acclaimed cultural crafts mela which attracts tourists from across the globe every year in the month of February. This mela exhibits handicraft, arts, cultural dances and food from all states of India. Two other festivals which too have started attracting a lot of attention during recent times are the 'Mango Festival' and the 'Kurukshetra Festival'. Haryana also has its own dance form, culture and festivals.

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