General tips for high score in the EAMCET exams

If you are a student planning to appear the forthcoming EAMCET exams and if you are keen on scoring high in the exams, then you will find this article quite helpful. Peep into the article and find out the important tips mentioned herein which would be useful to you for a high score.

All about EAMCET exams

I am sure most of you are very well aware of the EAMCET (Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test) exams which is conducted annually in the state of Andhra Pradesh, yet I would like give a briefing of the exams. This is a Common Entrance Test conducted annually by the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH)as a prerequisite for getting admission into various professional courses in the fields of Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine offered in various government colleges and top private colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The aspirant candidates after completing their +2 board exams or the 2nd year Intermediate exams of the Intermediate Board are required to appear the exams to get into professional courses offered by the govt / private colleges in the state. And for this you need to work not only hard but smart as well and completely dedicate yourself for getting into one of the professional courses of your choice. These graduate courses are of 4 years duration and then mostly the top notches are fortunate enough to getting recruited into top companies through campus interviews.

And the beginning of such a happy settlement in life lies in scoring high in the EAMCET exams. So plan your preparations accordingly for scoring high in the exams. Please note that EAMCET ranking is based on both the marks scored in EAMCET and Intermediate exams as well. Marks scored in EAMCET exams will have 75 percent weight age while marks scored in Intermediate will have 25 percent weight age. According to the weight age of marks, the aspirant candidates need to plan their exam preparation. If you are keep on getting admission into the top professional colleges of the state, then your names should be listed in the top scorers.

Remember that as per the new rules laid by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) even the top scorers of the EAMCET exams who fail to pass their Intermediate exams at the first go are not eligible for admission in the first phase. And the students who take supplementary exams to clear their backlogs will be eligible for getting seats only in the second phase counselling rounds. The basic requirement for appearing the exams is that for getting into the Engineering stream you must have pursued Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in the 12th Standard or Intermediate. And for getting into the Agriculture and Medicine stream you must have pursued Biology, Physics and Chemistry in your +2 classes / Intermediate classes.

I am sure most of you are very well aware of the general exam preparation tips, yet due to much pressure at the exam time either you ignore to follow these tips or just don't find time to follow the same. However, if you are a bit about your exams and try to follow the tips, you are sure to become successful in your exams and will score high thus making a base for your future career life.

Important tips for exam preparation

The first thing you need to do immediately after applying for the EAMCET exam is that try to be serious with your studies and exams keeping everything else aside. Give high prioritization to your exams and dedicate yourself to achieve your targeted goal of high score in the exam. Remember that the more you involve yourself in your work and do the work rather in a smart way, the more successful you will be in achieving your goal. So be sincere in your preparations and start preparing seriously for the exams.
  • Once you are serious with your exam preparation, prepare an exam planner and set a time table for yourself immediately after you apply for the EAMCET exam. Merely setting time table is not enough but you need to strict stick to the study hours as per your set time table if you are keen on achieving your target.

  • The next thing to keep in mind is your memory power which plays a key role in doing your exam paper well, hence try to improve your memory power. Of course, this cannot be achieved within a short period but you need to follow certain practices like meditation at least a year before you plan for your exam and this would help in gradually improving your memory power which would be effective at the time of exam preparation.

  • Once you improve your memory power you can go ahead with calculations of various problems in your mind itself. Thus by the practice of mental calculations without the use of pen and paper work you would be successful in saving lot of time which is the most important thing for writing not only EAMCET exams but for writing most of the competitive exams.

  • The next thing to keep in mind is to increase your speed. Remember that speed and accuracy are very essential for writing EAMCET exams. Hence to increase your speed try to concentrate on having a command over the concepts and full knowledge of the formulas. When you have a full knowledge of the concept, then you don't need much time in solving things.

  • Involve yourself in group discussions with your friends on the various topics covered as sharing knowledge is the best way of gaining knowledge and most of the times things discussed in such group discussions are easily remembered. However keep in mind not to compare your abilities with that of your friends instead have a healthy discussion on the topics. Sometimes you may end up with a feeling during the discussions that yet you have to learn so much while your friend is well ahead and such a feeling might reduce your confidence levels and gradually this might result in losing in self-confidence, so try to see that you are involved in healthy discussion.

  • Make sure to cover the entire syllabus for the exam and try to form a concept of the entire thing in your mind. Do not forget to collect the previous year exam papers for a practice solving with time allotment for each section. This would be helpful in making you habituated with the way of answering question.

  • In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to get it clarified from your teachers. It is better to appear the exam without any doubts in the mind.

  • In case you are going to the coaching institutions, stop going to coaching classes a couple of days before the exam date as in case you appear the tests and score less, you will lose confidence. So to avoid this stop going to the coaching centers 2-3 days before the exam date.

  • Stay indoors a couple of days before the exams and concentrate on learning the concepts and formulas which are important for gaining speed during the exam time.

Important tips on the exam day and in the exam hall

Try to stay as calm and cool as possible the day before the exam and on the exam day as well. As the more tensed you will be, the more you will lose confidence and this might result in forgetting things, so try to remain cool and absolutely no worries. Here is what you need to do on the exam day and in the exam hall:
  • The previous night itself keep your hall ticket, two pencils, sharpener, eraser and ball point pen in your bag. However, you will be provided with pencils in the exam hall. Do not keep this work pending on the exam day.

  • Try to start as early as possible depending on the distance of your exam center from your residence. And reach exam center at least an hour before the exam time to avoid any kind of confusions and last minute tensions.

  • Be seated yourself in the exam hall with a cool mind and stay calm. On getting the OMR sheet, go through the instructions carefully and with extra care fill in all the details. Avoid over writing and strikes in the sheet.

  • On getting the question booklet have a quick look of the instructions and as the bell strikes, start attempting the paper with a cool mind.

  • Note that there will be easy questions, average questions and tougher ones. You need to always start with the easier ones as these will not consume much of your time. And slowly go to the tougher ones which are time consuming. Try to focus the first half on the easy and average questions and then the last hour for the tougher ones.

  • Comparatively Chemistry questions can be completely faster than Maths / Biology or Physics. So first try to complete Chemistry questions within 40 - 45 minutes. And then allot nearly one and half hours for Maths / Biology questions and the last 40 - 45 minutes for the Physics questions.

  • Once you are done with the paper you will have approx 15 -20 minutes in hand and you can use this time for marking the answers in the OMR sheet.

  • Stay calm and without making any folds on the sheet, without making it messy and dirty, mark the answers on the sheet with extra care. Try to keep the sheet as neat and clean as possible without much erasing.

General tips for exam preparation

  • Remove the fear for exam from your mind. The more your are scared, the more difficult you will find it.

  • Do not lose self-confidence and try to develop positive thinking that 'I can do it' and such a positive attitude would help in increasing confidence levels.

  • Time management is very important, hence concentrate on proper managing of time during the exam period.

  • Avoid late night sleeping as this would have an adverse affect on your health.

  • Completely avoid consuming fast foods, junk foods and carbonated soft drinks during this time instead completely depend on healthy, nutritious and balanced diet which is home-made.

  • Also avoid taking too much of tea to keep your awake till late nights.

  • Increase the consumption of fresh fruits and fruit juices to keep your body hydrated and healthy as well. Drinks lots of water as well.

  • Last but not the least to keep in mind is try your best but do not lose heart in case you do not reach your targeted score. Remember that this is not the deciding factor, so do not get frustrated in case you do not achieve your targeted score. Remember that world is full of opportunities and there are many options open for you if not this field. Develop such an attitude and do your best.

Hope these tips would be useful to the aspirant candidates.

Wishing all the EAMCET candidates good luck!


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