A Star Inside Us All but Unrecognized

Each one of Us,be it living in Mumbai or some other city across the country of India,always look for recognition and fame in each of their respective job roles in their individual lives. On the other Hand,there are few who actually innovate and improvise and become and become a true innovator having signature traits in his approach in terms of His Work and Personal Life.

Innovation is a strong ideal to abide by when we talk about being the best,and that being said we apply that to our Professional lives however some of us fail to apply it in our Personal lives since our focus is more on Professional and Monetary Issues as compared to Personal achievement and growing spiritually along with the rules of this Universe as a whole.The world changes every day and every second is different from that previous second which has just passed by.

A Star is defined as a form of a Genius and a extraordinary source of power that is different from almost half of the population of the Universe and the World.That being applied,People seem to copy and replicate their favorite heroes and famous Personalities or what they consider idols in order to reach to the same place where those Stars have reached without realizing that they can themselves be the one who can start their own signature way of living their lives,be it Professional or Personal to be in the category of those Stars that have left a strong footprint while their lives on Earth before departing,while the effect and their work culture will live forever in years to come as well.

Being an Pioneer is the key to get recognition in any field and phase of life since it involves thinking out of the box and being totally different in terms of approach and attitude to things in life which we take for granted and feel that are not so important which in reality leads that individual to the path to Greatness.The only thing that the individual needs to do is to have patience and persevere and sustain their hard work and effort in their lives with regard to their work,personal life as well as doing something for the society and the oppressed people of the world.

People in major cities like Mumbai sometimes fail to be an innovator and initiate the change as well as take the first step to be different than the people around them due to their busy schedules and plans so it seems much easier for them to copy and replicate their favorite hero or idol instead of taking time and thinking how they could themselves be the innovator and be the change to the world rather than being alongside with the majority of the world who rather feels glad to replicate the behavior and habits of their heroes and their idols.

The World and its people may be following the herd,but the thing is staying away from the herd and being a pioneer in your respective field of life with regard to professional or personal demands a lot from the person who is going through this hard and lonely path,but the beneficiary is always the One Star rather than the herd.

That is the reason Stars in the Sky shine bright rather than the Planets in the Sky which do not take the heat and illuminate.

A Star Inside Us All but Unrecognized


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