Bhut chilli :Proud of Assam

In this article the uses, cultivation method and economic position of Bhut Chilli is discussed.Bhut chilli has taken a lofty position in Assamese society.Moreover this article provides the physical description of the tree.How to prepare the field for plantation of this saplings another important feature of this article.It describes the time of cultivation, time of flowering and the time of maturity.

Bhut chilli : The proud of Assam

Sometimes hotness is required to testify the food items. Assamese people like the hotness in their lunch or dinner. So the use of chilli in Assamese food items almost indispensable. Many species of chilli are used in Assam but the Bhut chilli has taken significant role in Assamese society.

In Assamese, Bhut chilli is called as Bhut jolokia (Sometimes ghost chili, 'Bhut' is an Assamese word which means ghost). It is commonly found in Assam, Nagaland, Monipur and the neighboring country of Assam. The tree becomes 1meter to 1.5 meter in height depending on the soil quality. It is best to cultivate on alluvial (with sand) and slightly shadow place. The steams of the tree are tender or soft and carry the sub-brunches. Both steam and the leafs are green in colour but the chilli becomes red when it becomes ripe. A mature tree can bear almost 40 to 50 numbers of chillies.

It is best to cultivate in January to April. The best result comes from December to February. But in this duration particularly on December the seed does not germinate due to coldness.

The field should be well drained for the cultivation for this chilli as it can not tolerate excess water. The excess water creates fungi on the roots of the tree that causes the death of the tree. To avoid the fungus the cultivator should prepare a half inch mound in height for the plantation of the saplings. Proper distance should be maintained between to saplings. The tree starts flowering after three months (in the first week of May).

Assamese people use it as domestic purpose only for food items to taste it hotness. Most of chilies create stomach problem but Bhut chilli doesn't. It hotness comes only in tongue and mouth. Its nice smelling attracts all. This chilli can be used in another purpose also. Now a days it is used to make hand grenades, peeper spray for self defense. Experiments on Bhut chilli are going on so that the scientists can prepare more powerful and useful things.

It has a nice market price. The average cost of this chili is Rs 300.00/Kg. As the demand of the consumers is increasing day by day so the cost of it will not decrease. In near future it will obviously take a huge market in Assam.



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