Gliding all the way (Winter Sport)

Different forms of Gliding as a sport activity in the state has been discussed here. One can get all the basic information about the different places and all the basic idea about the different categories of gliding. Himachal is the best site for carrying out this sport in the month of winters as it provides better view for all.


Gliding is like swinging in the air, as if you are a bird. All the efforts made by the human beings to fly came up with many fatal accidents, but as the advancement in the technology and the continuous efforts made by different people in the field of gliding has given much in the field of gliding. The time when one is in the air he feels entirely delighted and some kind of thrilling experience is achieved. Although airplanes, helicopters and gas balloons are there but the experience which one gets from gliding is inexpressible.

In few decades the aero sports have raised it as most enjoyable and popular sports, since it provides you with the flying experience as all other sports are connected to land or water only. Coming from the top or starting from the summit of a hill, this experience is all about the skills and best utilization of time and space. Be it hand Gliding, Hang Gliding or Para Gliding, all these are connected to an individual performance in the air. So, get yourself ready for this action this vary winter in the land of Gods, Himachal Pradesh. The climate for here makes it best for gliding as a sport activity. Himachal Pradesh offers excellent locations and facilities for almost all types of gliding like Hang Gliding, Hand Gliding and Para Gliding. Himachal Pradesh Tourism Corporation (HTDC) organizes aero sports training courses and events at various times of the year. Billing in Himachal Pradesh is renowned all over the world for organizing the International Gliding competition, since 1984.

Before making into the gliding if you are new to the sport then it becomes necessary to get the training from the instructor about the basic moves, launching and turn. The most popular places in the capital for gliding are Solang in Kullu valley, Dharamkot, Billing in Kangra Valley, Bandla Ridge in Bilaspur and Bijli Mahadev - Bhunter Kothi-Parcham near Manali.

Hang Gliding basics

It is a very popular aero-sport, it uses no engine power and entirely depends upon the wind currents and this is the most thrilling and adventurous among all types. The glider is tied from the center of the keel that has long extended blades to navigate through air currents. To take-off in air, you have to run on a downhill at a slope of around forty degree to fill air in the columns of the keel. You can attain the speed of fifteen kilometers to thirty kilometers per hour and soaring can be done by using ridge lifts created by air striking the mountain face or hot air columns.
Hang Gliding is an easy aero-sport and you need an instruction of only ten minutes on the ground for a comfortable glide through the air. As per your experience, you can spend more and more time in sky. Billing and Dharamkot are the popular Hang Gliding destinations in Himachal Pradesh
Billing in Kangra valley is said to be one of the finest sites for Hang Gliding in the world. Situated at a distance of fourteen kilometers from Bir, Billing got world's recognition in 1984 when an International Hang Gliding Rally was organized here. Some expert hang gliders of the world participated in the event and they rated this place amongst the best in the world.
Dharamkot is also a good place for Hang Gliding. To reach this 11,800 feet high place, you have to take a 2 kilometer trek from the nearest road.

Hand Gliding basics

It is more or less similar to the aero-sport of Hang Gliding. It is again without use of some engine. A hand-glider is a heavy, bulky and complicated object, and the technicalities are more tedious.

For taking off, you need to run on a downhill and few minutes later you can easily attain the speed of fifteen kilometer to 30 kilometer per hour. To raise high in the air, you have to use ridge lifts created by wind striking the hills or by hot air columns which keep rising upward from the sun heated surface.
Hand- Gliding is a risky sport so you should take uttermost care during the taking off and the landing. Basic training for Hand Gliding in necessary that can be obtained in few hours from your instructor. After acquiring good experience and understanding primary safety factors, you can glide as long as you wish. Billing and Dharamkot in Himachal Pradesh are the sites for hand gliding.

Para Gliding basics

This is the simplest type of human flight. It is a combination of hang gliding and parachuting. The only difference between these two aero sports is that in parachuting you have to jump off from an aeroplane, while in para gliding, one runs down a hill.
Himachal Pradesh comprises of a number of good sites for para gliding and some of them are among the world's best sites. Bir and Billing in the Kangra valley and Solang in the Kulu valley of Himachal Pradesh are the famous sites where you can enjoy Para Gliding. Para Gliding In Kangra Valley : Billing is the takeoff site and Bir is the landing site for para gliding. The distance between the two sites is fourteen kilometers and they offer opportunities for high altitude and cross country flying for more than two hundred kilometers. Billing is the perfect place to check out the magnificent views of the Dauladhar ranges, while Bir has a Buddhist monastery and is surrounded by tea gardens.
In Kullu, you enjoy para gliding at hill tops like Bijli Madadev, Rohtang Pass, Kothi and Solang Nallah. Solang is a good beginner site and Bijli Mahadev is an excellent site for hill launching. Bandla Ridge in Bilaspur town is another popular site for Para Gliding.
In Himachal Pradesh, gliding equipment with in-built safety features of the international standards are available. Second hand gliders in good condition are also available at reasonable price. Equipment and guidance services for Gliding are provided by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC).

Training establishments in the state

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department conducts proper education and training courses for the gliding enthusiasts from April to June and Mid-September to Mid-November under the guidance of foreign trained instructors. This is perfect for getting yourself trained for winters and glide all the way, watching beautiful valleys covered with snow.


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Equipment and guidance services for Gliding are provided by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

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