How to apply for google adsense account through himachalspider?

Himachalspider is a sister site of Indiastudychannel and one of the fastest growing websites in Himachal Pradesh. Google adsense revenue share programme is a genuine method of earning with daily devoting 2 to 3 hours. In this article I will provide you the basic criteria and procedure for applying to the google adsense.

Google is known as one of the most powerful and widely used search engine in the world. To associate yourself with such a large group is really a matter of pride.
Google adsense revenue programme is a online programme provided by the google.

What is google adsense account?

Google being the most widely used search engine is approached by various advertisers across the world.
To advertise the advertisements of these advertisers google uses various websites,blogs,webpages etc. where it publishes these advertisements. For becoming a publisher of these advertisements one has to apply for a google adsense account which is approved by google. After approval google places the advertisement on the webpage you contributed and pays you directly for every single click on those advertisements.

Minimum criteria for applying to google adsense account through himachalspider?

For applying through himachalspider a member must fulfills 5 out of the given 6 conditions-
  • Must have a real profile picture

  • Profile updated with address

  • Must have atleast 10 valid approved articles

  • Atleast won a single award from himachalspider

  • Member must be active from last 6 months

  • Member must have achieved gold level in the site

  • How to apply for google adsense account through himachalspider?

    After completing the 5 condition you become eligible to apply for google adsense. For applying you have to go to 'manage account settings' page of your profile where you will find an option of manage adsense account. Click on that option and choose create new account. After that you will be directed to a new page where you have to fill some basic information. After filling this page a mail will be sent by the google asking you to fill further details. After completing this your work is over and rest remains of google team. After getting your application google team reviews your application and within a week tells you whether your google adsense account is approved or not.
    Nowadays google has become very strict in approving the adsense accounts. So I advise that a member should not apply instantly after completing the above 5 conditions instead he should make some valuable contributions in the resource section before applying for the adsense account.
    Also himachalspider dont have any hand in approving or disapproving your google adsense account.

    How much one can earn from google adsense?

    90% of the total revenue earned by the contents posted by the member is payed to the member and 10% is shared by himachal spider. There is a report that many people are earning more than 1000$ per month but as himachalspider is smaller site one can expect 40-50$ per month by daily working 1 to 2 hours daily.


    Guest Author: Narender sharma01 Nov 2011

    Very nice article buddy, I am also giving one suggestion to all new adsense account holder. In starting you will not earn that much huge amount of money but please don't be impatient just keep trying and one day you will surely earn very handsome money from Google adsense. So according to me Be Patient, Have Patience.

    Guest Author: 19 Nov 2011

    Sir in your fourth point you have mentioned about awards, is it the credit we are given for our post or member level?
    Please explain this point in detail. I am keen to join Google adsense.

    Guest Author: 19 Nov 2011

    Hello, I want to clear this point a little bit. Awards are the prizes that you won for winning any competition in Himachal Spider. For Example we had recently organized one resource competition named Winter Sports in Himachal Pradesh and two members won awards for this competition. Cash price and member level don't have any relation with Awards. If you have any other doubt then please ask.

    Guest Author: 20 Nov 2011

    TODAY I READ YOUR ARTICLE, AND AFTER READING YOUR ARTICLE MY DOUBTS ARE ALMOST CLEAR....................................................................................................................... BUT IN FUTURE, IF SOMEWHERE I GET CONFUSED SO I WILL DEFINATELY TAKE YOUR ADVICE............................................

    Guest Author: 23 Nov 2011

    Hello Devansh,
    Your all queries will be welcomed. If you have any doubt in the future regarding Himachal Spider then feel free to ask. I will try my best to solve your query.

    Guest Author: 23 Nov 2011

    Here I also want to add one more thing that Google has become more strict regarding the approval of adsense account. There is also a slight change in their policy.
    Now, initially they give partial approval to the applicant and after that give full approval or disapproval after reviewing your account completely.
    Also they are paying more emphasis on the criteria of 6 months for approval of google adsense account. So I suggest the members that instead of applying immediately to the adsense account after the completion of 5 out of 6 conditions, they should apply for the same after the completion of 6 months in the Himachal Spider.

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