Things to take care of for an interview.

The article gives a breif knowledge about what things to do and not to do for an interview. This facts and tips are given to me buy my seniors, collegues, friends and learnt from my own experiences. These will be very helpful for the freshers and those who are job aspirants looking for job.

1. First impression is the last impression. For an interview wear formals only. This includes well ironed, clean formal shirt, trousers and black or brown shoes. Generally people tend to wear a tie also but it is not required at most of the places. But if for interview you are asked to wear tie then go for it.
Don't ever wear jeans, T-shirt, cargoes, funky wardrobes. Also keep a decent hairstyle and shave(for boys).

2. Before going for interview study and research about the company for which you are applying. The interviewers may ask you 'Tell what you know about us ?'.
At this point of time if you go blank you may miss an opportunity.

3. Always prepare your introduction. The interviewers generally ask people to introduce themselves or describe yourself. Also don't be overperpared and speak nonsense. Say about your family, your education, your dreams, your ambition, etc. Just be relax and speak with full confidence. Keep your tone during the interview polite.

4. Prepare a bio-date or resume for interview. This should be printout not handwritten on paper. Follow the steps of creating a good resume.

5. During an interview the body posture, hand gestures ie. body language matters a lot. Don't play with you pen, fingers, etc during the interview.
Don't tap the tables ,desk with your fingers, legs.

6. During an interview sit straight and always make eye-contact for answering any questions. Avoiding eye-contact is a sign of nervousness and lack of confidence.

7. During interview if you don't know anything just tell 'No'. Don't try to bluff anything coming to your mind. If you speak something that you know is wrong but you think that the interviewer might not catch you then you are doing a big mistake. They can easily identify that you are trying to beat around the bush and you don't know the answer.

8. If the interviwer gives you his\her hand for handshake you should also give your hand and give a firm handshake. Don't shake for long time and don't do it vigourously. It should be firm and confident shake.

9. During the interview they may give you opportunity to ask them something. They may say 'Are you having any doubts ?' or 'Do you want to know more?' or 'Would you like to ask us anything?'. At this point of time saying 'I don't want to ask anything' sends impression that you know everything and you are not concerned about the job or you are not serious for this job. You should pose some intelligent questions like --

'According to you, what is the most important contribution that this company expects from all its employees?'

'What advice would you have given to someone in my position?'

These are the certain tips that I learned for my interview. I hope this will be beneficial to anyone looking for job.


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