A review on the Tamil movie Maattraan- Its performance in Theatres in Tamilnadu

Are you looking for the details of the Tamil movie Maattrraan. This is the Tamil movie that was released on October. The movie had a new concept and had Surya on the lead role it failed to attract the viewers of Tamil Cinema. K.V Anand directed the movie and was one among the most anticipated movies of Tamil Cinema for the current year 2012.

A short review on the movie Maattrraan

The movie was having a huge hype before its release and but as the movie released the demand for the movie declined and most of the viewers gave a negative response to the movie. The movie was directed by K.V. Anand who gave the hit movie Ko before a year. Though everyone expected the movie to become a huge hit it once again proved to be a huge budget flop movie as in the recent past as it was unable to cover the expectation of the people.
The movie though seems to be a good one was not that much good so as to satisfy the audience. It was one of the typical Surya's movies in which he gave an entirely different performance of the twins having one heart and attached to each other by a muscle beneath the hands. The movie could have been much better if the director could have concentrated more on the subject.

Star cast of the movie

Tamil actor Surya- The actor of the movie, Did dual role of the twin attached to each other having a sole heart.
Kaajal Agarwal- The heroine of the movie who does a Translator.
Sachin Khedekar- Does the role of the genetic doctor who is also the father of Surya
Tara- Mother of Surya
Harris Jayaraj- Music director of the movie

Was the movie Maattrraan Hit or Flop?

There are several critics on the movie in which some have said that it is a hit where as some are certainly not satisfied and have given suggestion the other way round. I would say that the movie was a flop though it earned reasonable profit as most of the viewers were not satisfied with the performance of the movie in the theaters. The rights of the movie were sold to Eros international for 80 crores which were later distributed to the local distributors. The movie released worldwide in more than 1200 theaters across the globe.

Plot of the movie

The movie starts with Sachin named as Ramachandran for the movie who does a genetic doctor in the movie is finding some research which gets less notice at the start of the movie and hence his findings are rejected and he suffers a lot before the birth of Surya. He makes some research on his wife and this leads to the problem where Surya takes birth as twins having a sole heart and both the Surya are attached together. As soon as the son is born his father tries to kill one of the Surya who is without heart and doesn't get success on the act as his wife protects the children's.

Soon the sons are named as Akilan and Vimalan. Both the children's grow side by side and share the moments together as they are attached with each other physically. Vimalan is very much talented and is also good in studies and looks decent too on the other hand Akilan is weak in studies. Kajal soon falls in love with Vimalan because of his character and behavior.

At on stage of the movie Surya's father succeeds in life because of his genetic research that makes the products of the company more successful in the market than the other competitors who are left way behind. Soon a Russian spy tries to find the secret behind the use of the chemicals in the energy drink and finds that the thing is something more dangerous in the long run and tries to showcase the thing to the world but ends up in the loosing side. Soon this thing also gets in knowledge of Surya and his mother. This happens as the result of the death of the Russian spy who conveys the details to Vimalan.

Soon Vimalan is also killed by a crew who tried to steal the details which was collected by the Russian spy. Though Vimalan knew that it was his fathers crew that attacked him his twin brother didn't know the activities and he didn't believe in that too. In the attack Vimalan dies and the brothers are separated and Akilan does a heart transplantation to be alive whereas his brother dies.

Soon Akilan finds that these are the activities of his dad and tries to find the root cause and destroy them to the most. Till this part it is more thrilling and good but as the movie goes on the director blends the movie like anything that has given some negatives for the movie that is the reason why the movie went on a loosing side.

After the death of Vimalan, Akilan tries to find all the details and also tries to prove the root cause and so he flies to Ukraine to find the details of the misleading caused by his father. In the run he finds that his father mixes the chemicals that are certified under "no feed" to be used in the nutrition drink which is produced by his father named Energion. The details trace back to the Olympics events 1992 where the chemicals were used on the athletes to have favorable results but in the long run the athletes faced some uncommon disease that lead to death of several players too. In order to escape from the criticism the government of that particular country makes a drama to show that the players are dead but tries to protect them in a separate place. Soon Surya finds all the details from that particular country to tries to solve them in India and acquires the details of the chemicals and how to detect them and succeeds. This leads to his fathers anger as the people came to knew about the drink and its ill effect. Surya tries to protect his father but as his father tries to kill him he lets his father to die amidst the rats that kill him at the end.


There are a lot of reviews on the movie but according to me the movie lacks some concepts that had to be taken care by the director. There are many concepts where the director seems to be little ignorant. The director should have shown the ill effects that the energy drink had caused within the nation as there are many users in the long run. The scientists in the movie found that the drink has causes damage to the men after five years but it seems that the product has been used for more period of time from the birth of Akilan and Vimalan, but there are no evidence to prove it inside the country. Hence these things are quite something that hinders the base or concept itself. This movie could have been better if it was concentrated a little more.


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