Tamilnadu Best Gold Savings Scheme to start this Akshaya tritiya

Are you looking for the best and smart gold saving scheme in Tamilnadu to start the Akshaya tritiya? Then this is the article for you. The gold savings schemes with their names and the jewellery shops in Tamilnadu, the monthly instalments, benefits of joining the scheme and also the kids gold saving schemes are discussed here. Read this article and choose your gold saving scheme.

Tamilnadu Best Gold Savings Scheme to start this Akshaya tritiya

Tamilnadu women are fond of the yellow metal. Gold or the yellow metal is a favorite one for all women. Saving gold is the best investment too. This Akshaya tritiya start saving gold and reap its benefits. There are also gold saving schemes for kids. Choose your valuable gold saving schemes after reading this article.

GRT Gold saving scheme or gold tree jewellery saving scheme

GRT gold saving scheme is popularly known as GRT gold tree jewellery saving scheme. GRT JewellersIt is for a period of 15 months. Monthly installments start at Rs 500 and it can extend in multiples upto Rs 10 000. They also offer a gift article or cash incentive worth Rs 200 in addition to one installment to your deposit.

Malabar gold offers in Tamilnadu

Malabar gold offers excellent gold saving scheme. Customers can choose their monthly installments from Rs. 500 or it multiples. The rate is fixed based on the current gold rate when the installment is paid. A bonus at a rate of 6% is given which can be discounted during your purchase. Each person can join one or more schemes.
• Each person can join one or more schemes.
• Installment to be paid and closed in the same showroom where you started and the scheme instalment should be paid and closed in the showroom where the scheme started.
• The member alone can close the scheme.
• Only gold ornaments can be purchased from the amount credited.
• Making charges and government taxes are applicable

Prince jewellery Swarna vaibhav gold saving scheme in Tamilnadu

Prince jewellery offers a gold saving scheme called Swarna vaibhav and also 916 accumulation plan. You can open an account in this scheme where the minimum amont is Rs. 1000 or in multiples of Rs.1000. Prince JewelleryThe scheme is for 15 Months. There is also an option for joining this scheme online. Swarna vaibhav scheme should be closed only at Chennai and Bangalore. 916 accumulation plan can be closed at Chennai, Bangalore, and Thiruvananthapuram showroom. There is also an option for joining this scheme online (http://www.princejewellery.com/app/login.aspx). But while joining online, ID proof should be provided and while closing you have to provide the original ID proof.
• No wastage (Value addition) up to 18% only for plain gold Jewellery
• No Making charges on the maturity of the scheme.

Jos alukkas Swarnanidhi gold saving scheme

Jos alukkas offers Swarnanidhi gold saving scheme. It's a 18-month scheme. Customers in addition to the amount invested also gets twice the subscribed amount added to the total and can buy 916 hallmark gold.

Nathella Jewellers offers in Tamilnadu

Nathella offers 0% jewellery purchase plan. They offer a 12-month plan. But special features of Nathella include:
• They don't force us to buy at the end of the 12-month period. You can pay continuously maybe till your daughter's marriage.
• You need not buy only jewellery instead you can buy gold coins.
• Nathella Saving Scheme I Monthly Amount Plan - Monthly Instalment (minimum 12 months): Rs. 1000 - Value after the 12 Months: Rs. 12,000
• Nathella Saving Scheme II Fixed Weight Plan- Monthly Instalment (minimum 12 months): 1 gm - Value after the 12 Months: 12 grams
• Nathella Saving Scheme III Fixed Amount Plan - Monthly Instalment (minimum 12 months): Rs. 1000 ÷ Rs. 2750*=0.363 grams- Value after the 12 Months: 4.36 grams

Little Nathella Little Birthday Gold Saving Plan

Little Nathella offers Little Birthday Gold Saving Plan. You can start this on your daughters' birthday. In this scheme, you can save 1 gram per month and continue it for 5 years or as per your time period. Every year Little Nathella offers a gold coin free on your child's birthday. There is no wastage, no making charges and no VAT.
Little Nathella• Year 1: 2 grams
• Year 2: 24 grams
• Year 3: 36 grams
• Year 4: 48 grams
• Year 5: 60 grams
5 grams of free gold coins at the end of Year 5

Kerala jewelers

Kerala jewelers offers Swarnavarsha gold saving scheme. The period of this scheme is 12 or 18 months. You can instal from Rs 1000 onwards.
• Rs. 1000/Rs. 18000
• Rs. 1500/Rs. 27000
• Rs. 2000/Rs. 36000
• Rs. 5000/Rs. 90000
• Rs. 10,000/Rs. 180,000

Saravana Stores Thanga Nagai Maaligai My Gold Saving Scheme

Saravana Stores Thanga Nagai Maaligai offers My Gold Saving Scheme. There are five groups Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.5000, Rs.10000, and Rs.25000 and it should be paid for a duration of 15 months.
Groups/Incentive/Bonus/Total Amount/Value of Gold Jewellery to be taken (on the 16th month)
• 500/400/500/7500/8400
• 1000/800/1000/15000/16800
• 5000/4000/5000/75000/84000
• 10000/8000/10000/150000/168000
• 25000/20000/25000/375000/420000

Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme

Tanishq offers Golden Harvest Scheme. It is a 11+1 Plan. You should pay a fixed amount for 11 months and the 12th month instalment will be paid by Tanishq. Minimum instalment is Rs. 500. For example if you pay 3000 for 11 months, at the end of the 11th month you have 33000 and a discount of Rs.3000 at time of purchase. So the total amount will be 36000 after 12 months. Advantage of this scheme would be discount - 100% of monthly instalment.

VBJ Wealth Starter Gold Plan

Vummidi bangaru jewelers or VBJ offers Wealth Starter Gold Plan. The time period is for 15 months.Investment per month/Gold accumulated/Maturity Bonus/Jewellery/Coins are listed as follows:
• Rs. 2500/ Rs. 2500 worth of gold every month/ Rs. 2500 worth grams of gold/ Rs. 1250 worth grams of gold
• Rs. 5000/ Rs. 5000 worth of gold every month/ Rs. 5000 worth grams of gold/ Rs. 2500 worth grams of gold
• Rs. 10000/Rs. 10000 worth of gold every month/ Rs. 10000 worth grams of gold/Rs. 5000 worth grams of gold

Lalitha Jewellery Free Gold Saving Plan

Lalitha Jewellery offers Free Gold Saving Plan. The minimum amount is Rs. 1000 or its multiples for a period of 16 months. You should pay for 16 months and lalitha jewelers will pay the 17th instalment as a free gold coin. No wastage will be charged for upto 14% on jewellery, no making charges and no VAT.


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