Simple safety tips for Holi festival

Holi is on the peak, and our markets are full with colors and various kind of attractive products, but remember these products can be harmful to you and your family. So prepare well before playing Holi, follow few simple Holi safety tips and enjoy Holi peacefully. In this article I have included some of these simple safety tips which can help us a lot to avoid any kind of miss happening during Holi festival.

About holi

As we all know that HOLI festival is a great Indian festival of joy and colors, played with full pomp and show. It is being celebrated on two consecutive days, First day is HOLI and Second Day is Dhulandi. It is also known by some other names. The origin of Holi is associated with an ancient story of Bhakt Prahlad and Holika. It is celebrated on day of Purnima of Phalguna maas(month) according to hindi panchang (Hindu calendar).
On the day of Dhulandi, people play it with lots of colors and eat sweet and celebrate the joy of happiness and integration.
But in some circumstances it becomes dangerous if we ignore precautions and safety tips, it is important to keep these tips in mind to avoid any kind of miss happening.
What are these simple and easy Holi Safety tips!! Have a look below.

Possible Miss happenings and Problems

  • Skin problems: As we all know that Holi is a festival of colors and played with various kind of color products, like gulal, colors, paste colors, spray and many other products. Most of these products available in the market are made by harmful chemicals, that can harm directly to our skin and if one's skin is allergic or sensitive it will be dangerous to him/her.
  • Scalp problems and hair fall: Colors can harm hairs, it can cause hair fall and can cause scalp problems due to the hazardous colors used during Holi festival. It can cause nausea, vomiting sensation, headache and Dizziness, eye pain, and other similar problems. To avoid these kinds of problems, try to cover your head properly, the detailed safety tip is discussed in Holi safety tips part.
  • Arguments, quarrel or even fight: During Holi festival it is also possible to happen some arguments, quarrel or even fight in some cases, where few drunken people disagree over anything or any over any other issue.
  • Accidents: On the Holi Festival day, many children and people use 'Fountain guns , balloons and other harmful Holi products, ' they throw balloons and water colors through their fountain guns on running vehicle that can cause into a dangerous accident.
    Not only this, many people drive their vehicle in drunken condition, which is highly dangerous for themselves and for their families and others too.
  • Other miss happening : Some other kind of Miss happenings are also possible on that day, as it is being celebrated in mass, many gangs play this festival just to make fun and to do non-sense things.

Holi Safety Tips

  • Use Herbal Products or natural homemade colors – Holi is a festival of colors, therefore every person uses colors. They buy it from the market, but only few of them ensures that weather these products/colors are herbal & non harmful or not, and rest of them buy it without any consideration and apply on other people, which harm them directly on their skins. So it's important to buy herbal Gulal(Powder colors)/colors, or try to use homemade colors.
  • Apply Coconut oil on skin & scalp : In order to avoid skin allergy or scalp problems, apply a coating of coconut oil or any other oily lotion before playing Holi. It will protect your skin from harmful colors. This work great and help us much when to wash our skin or bath.
  • Try to use light colors, coz it does not contain much chemicals: light colors does not contain much chemical, on the other hand the dark colors contain high degree of chemicals, which can harm us badly.
  • Cut your nails before playing holi, because colors remain in our nails and can harm us directly or indirectly, it can go into our stomach when we eat anything by our hands.
  • Avoid access of heavy food – As the festival is for celebration it is for sure that people definitely have heavy food which are oily and spicy, it can be harmful for health, specially for diabetics patients.
  • Avoid alcohol – Drinking Alcohol can be dangerous on that day, as you get into any quarrel, or arguments that can tend to a fight or miss behave. Driving in drunken condition is also a reason because, first of all its an offence to drive in drunken condition and secondly there can be any miss happening like accidents.
  • Keep cool and calm in arguments or quarrel like situations, do not argue any person, because it can turn into a serious fight or any serious miss happening.
    Remember that there is Police assistance to help you near you, so if you feel like any need of them, call them and report your problem.
  • When you drive, shut the windows of your vehicle properly, wear helmet if you driving on two wheeler. Because notorious persons and gangs doing harmful activities like throwing balloons on vehicles and passersby, can cause into an accident or serious injury.
  • Keep your eyes safe – Keeping eyes safe is an important aspect during the whole day of Holi festival, remember that harmful chemicals and colors can damage our eyes, and if such similar things happens immediately wash your eyes with cold water, if problems still persist contact to nearest doctor or your family doctor.
  • Skin allergic persons should to avoid heavy Gulals(Powder colors) and colors, as once your skin get affected with chemicals or hazardous colors, it can create a big trouble to those skin allergic people.
  • At last but not the least, I would like to say to play a safe Holi with your family and friendly, and spread happiness, Enjoy Holi.

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