General tips to enhance leadership qualities

Every leader whether elected or by natural means, possesses charisma that provides change and success. Based on this leadership starts with mentor ship, vision and concern.The most important characteristics of leadership are enthusiasm, dedication and charisma.

A leader can be defined as a person who by force of example, talents or qualities of leadership displays a coordinating duty, wields commanding influence, or has a follower in any sphere of activity or thought. It is also the act of personality that causes people to act or follow instructions promptly and always. Every leader whether elected or by natural means, possesses charisma that provides change and success. Based on this leadership starts with mentor ship, vision and concern.
The most important characteristics of leadership are enthusiasm, dedication and charisma. There are ten traits leaders must adhere – to – avoid crises, chaos in today's human resources management. To assist in creating a balance organization and good workmanship, the following tips will briefly be considered:-
• Positive communication. Positive communication creates loyalty and mutual exchange of ideas and attitudes. Leaders should make positive interaction with followers in order to have success in the organization. In good and bad times, leaders should create positive communication and feedback to employees.
• Hypocrite. Leaders make decision and stick to it. Reversing decisions make them a hypocrite. Leaders lead by example. Leaders take action when they offer action. This creates a happier employees care and loyalty; which contradict dispassion, disbelief and attrition.
• Isolate. Leaders believe in teamwork and team play. Every employee counts toward the bottom-line. Leaders do not isolate themselves from the team and do not isolate the team from each other.
• Awareness. Leaders must have a keen sense that denote when employees are happy, frustrated, tired or overwhelmed. They should be aware of issues that are non- verbal. Any issue that can cause distraction or crisis should be eliminated quickly in order to keep harmony within the workplace.
• Reward. Followers desire more than money at work. They desire kudos and recommendations for a job well done. Today's workplace, employees although happy are looking for more contentment from their current job. This sense of pride and self- worth is a large issue for most followers. For followers attitudes to soar high, establish a reward system in the workplace.
• Decisive. Employees loathe procrastinators, even if they are a procrastinator, and require quick and prompt meaningful replies. Leaders do not ponder; they make quick decisions to difficult problems and find immediate solutions.
• Equal. Leaders do not treat followers based on title, age, race; religious, rank e.t.c. leaders take everyone is equal in the organization. Leaders go by the principle that the sum of the ports is greater than the whole.
• Enthusiasm. Followers require to be motivated. It begins with positive energy and positive commitment. Leaders' personal ills and corporate pressures are not important to followers. In good and bad times, a leader must express a positive and energetic attitude.
• Shallow Mission. A true leader establish mission as a road map to company's future success. Why? Leaders understood the reason of having corporate and departmental mission and vision statements. Mission statement enables followers or employees to understand who the firm is, where they are going and how they will get there.
• Listens. It is important for a good leader to have listening ears. Listening is required in order to understand employee attitudes and motivators. A leader is required to interact with employees or followers by asking lots of open- ended questions.
• Finally, leaders are change agents and should strive to become not only recognized brand names but also recognized leaders. To ensure the smooth running of any organization, a leader needs all the traits listed above so that employee's productivity in any organization will soar high.

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Guest Author: Roch Mechatronics07 Apr 2013

Quite well written. You have covered almost all characteristics a good leader must possess. I feel it would have been better if you had written in a descriptive way rather than giving it as points. Any way, good job!

Guest Author: Roch Mechatronics07 Apr 2013

Thanks Saji. These points are met to be developed by the readers. The reason is that anything i developed here might not be applicable to someone or the other as we have different opinions about issues. The way i see things might not necessarily be way others will see it. All that is needed is the key points and summary to aid one's decision.This is a great resource please do inform others.

Guest Author: Akshay kumar18 Mar 2014

This article clearly envisages the characteristics of a good leadership. A leader should lend his ears to his colleagues and should try to analyze the pros and cons of their advice. A good listener can always have a realistic approach on issues and can take right decisions. Decision making and timing of the implementation of the decisions play a crucial role and a leader should know these aspects. 'Grape wine information' is required for any leader but he should verify the facts of the information before arriving at a conclusion.

A leader should try to inculcate team spirit among the followers but this can be achieved only when he treats everybody in an equal wavelength. PPLC - Planning, Programming, Liason and coordination are the basic elements to be effectively monitored for any successful implementation of a project and these things should be taken care of by a good leader. A regular interaction with his teammates and constant monitoring would help in the success of a leader and the very essential part is that he should involve himself in any project that is undertaken by him.

I appreciate the author for briefly narrating the good characteristics of a leader.

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