Tips on how to take care of your pet dog during hot summer

In this article, I am providing you certain important tips which will be really helpful for you to keep your pet dog in a safe and secure condition from upcoming summer season and the sun strokes. This article also contains important tips from a veterinarian for keeping your pet dog healthy in Indian sub continental climatic conditions.


Pet dogs of foreign breed like Pomeranian, German shepherd etc finds very difficult to adjust in Indian sub-continental summer. Summer season on its footsteps and it do create problems for you and even your pet dogs, especially from colder climatically regions like Siberia, Germany and the Alps. These breed category of dogs find very harsh and hard to adjust them in hot Indian summer. Some of important breeds of pet dogs which need intensive care during summer season areSt. Bernard, Japanese Akita, Pug, Tibetan Mastiff, Airedale Terrier, Black Russian Terrier, Poodle, British Bulldog, German Shepherd and Indian breed, they all struggles from the hot and intensive heat in summer season. From hair loss to heart disease they can suffer any serious problem which is out of our mind.

Below I am listing few important tips and measures which will help you to keep your dog relaxed in hot summer season.

Things you should do

1. Keep the room or your compound where your dog lives below 20 degrees.
2. Always feed him only light dog food with lots of water.
3. Give him a good bath every 7 to 10 days.
4. Take him to the Veterinarian at least once a month for check up.

Things you should not do

1. Avoid feeding him home food, especially milk.
2. Do not let him drink water from a puddle.
3. Do not take him out after 8 Am and before 7 Pm.

Veterinarian important tips

Who is veterinarian or animal doctor?
A veterinarian physician or veterinary surgeon is a doctor expertise specially in treating animals like dogs, cats, cattle etc. They do specialization in research of animal health and performs surgery on animals. They advises and prescribes medicines and precautions to keep your pet healthy, fit and fine.

As per Veterinarian recommendations due to intense heat, the nostrils of dog partially get blocked and they may also suffer problem to breathe which tends to heart issues. They are also tending to develop certain allergies and fungus due to excess humidity, their organs could also collapse too. Most of the furry foreign breed dogs end up losing their hairs badly.

If you are having furry species dogs coming from cold geographical conditions, try to build a room with appropriate temperature using Air conditioner around 18 degrees Celsius. The room should not be very small it should be adequately bigger for your dog to roam around and to play and keep themselves physically fit.

Veterinarian doctors says that to keep your dog healthy, fit and fine during any season you need to have your surroundings in a appropriate temperature which should suit your pet dogs, and you should always feed him light and healthy dog food. Dogs require 10 to 20 times more energy then humans, so regular food even meat do not qualifies with the nutrients that they need. You should not feed milk to your dog definitely. Most of the Indian households feed milk and bread regularly. The truth is milk is very harmful for them. It causes skin diseases, hair loss and digestive problems. Milk products like cheese and curd can be given to them occasionally. They should be taken for daily walks, either in early morning or late in the evening. Taking them out during day time in sunlight can be very harmful, so you should avoid it carefully.

Just like humans want to wear lighter clothes and like to keep their hairs short for escaping hot summer season, dogs from colder regions too need the same treatment. Their hairs should be trimmed appropriately from time to time in summer season to keep them cool. Regular medical check ups are essential for these types of dogs as some times it is almost difficult for the respective owners to recognize the health issues of their pet correctly, and hence monthly medical check up at Veterinarian ensures that their pet is doing fine and is healthy. Dogs are also needed to drink plenty amount of water to regulate their body temperature during hot summers. The owner needs to ensure that the bowl of cold and clean water is always available to drink for your dog, pet health care books do suggest that you should gave your dog a bath once in a month, but here in Indian sub continental summer climate they are needed to given a good bath every 7 to 10 days. Another important precaution which should be taken care of is that while taking your dog on a walk then you should not allow him to drink water from dirty pond or puddles as these types of pond and puddles contain anti-freeze and other chemicals, fungus, bacteria, virus etc which can be extremely toxic and can give a serious health issue to your dog.


To keep a pet dog is not so easy task and they do need intensive care as they grow up. So, as a caring pet owner we should always be attentive related to health issues, weather climate, feeding, recreation and playing activities of our pet.


Guest Author: ARSHAD19 Apr 2013

This is a lovely and well explained information. Pets are like human which one has feelings for. As such there is the need to see to their well being and goodness. With this article i will practice every thing in details

Guest Author: pvr prasad06 Jun 2015

What about feeding of Indian native breeds in summer condition with vegetarian food

Guest Author: Mona28 Jun 2015

What should I feed my German shepherd dog as in summer she does not eat anything?

Guest Author: DiptI Das09 Apr 2016

The paws of my French mastiff are swelling and it's very reddish, maybe due to some fungal infection. Please tell me what to do?

Guest Author: Bhavar Patel21 Oct 2016

To DiptI Das,you clean the paws regularly after walk and apply dermi-5 cream cost Rs.42. It is very effective and can be applied any where at the red spot/etching spot.If the problem still persists your dog WBC may be less.Put your dog in the sun for 1 hour daily which will give him vitamin D and vitamin D will improve immunity.

Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt17 Feb 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

This is an interesting article as how to keep our pets especially dogs comfortable during the summer season.
Just like human beings, animals also like the moderate climate. They will feel uncomfortable in severe cold as well as very hot weather. So the dog owner must take care of them and devise means to give them comfort during the extreme weather conditions. In summar we have to give them water or other fluids time to time so they don't get dehydrated. We should make them habitual of going out early in the morning or late in the evening so that they are not exposed to the sun directly. Some dog owners because of laziness don't take their dogs out and somehow they cannot afford servants for the same and their dogs become obese and fat. These dogs get various types of ailments and they die well before their normal age.
Another thing is like human beings dog should also be kept in a good mental frame. For that we have to provide them company either some dog's company or human company. Dogs are as gregarious as the human beings.

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