Testing and designing of gold jewellery

In this article, I will explain the basic designing methods used for designing the god jewellery along with testing aspect of it. Almost everybody knows about the making charges and carat value of gold jewellery. But customers are least aware of designing aspects of jewellery. It is this limitation, jewellers turns to their advantage. So I will try to go a bit deeper into designing. The testing methods and their usefulness will also be discussed there.

As you all know, gold jewellery is a must for every rich and middle class family as it serves the purpose of shopping and investment as well. Therefore, especially for the middle class family for which hard earned money s at stake, every penny counts therefore. Here are some initial tips as you already may be knowing before coming to the main point.
1) Always buy jewellery from branded shops.
2) Always look for hallmarked jewellery
3) Carefully read the reciept for all necessary details with gaurantee of 100% return back.
Now lets start with the issue of designing methods used in jewellery often ignored by the customers and misused by jewellers.There are two methods used in designing as shops owner will time and again mention while helping you select your jewellery

Hand made method

This is very old and reliable method used by gold smiths in india. There are some plus and minus points with this method.The pl>us point is you can get your hand made jewellery designed exclusively for yourself which no other persons might be having. Dont worry about the ability of gold smith as india is in plenty of them.Besides this in case after some years if you want to get jewellery redesigned or repaired, handmade jewellery can easily be repaired.The negative points are that gold smith may leave loose connections and use inferior quality solder alloys which may decrease overall value of jewellery and life also decreases as some beads or stones may start breaking down from jewellery.

Laser made or machine made method

The laser made or machine made gold jewellery makes use of precise lathes molds and programming of machines. The plus and minus points of this method are as under.The plus points are that laser made or machine made jewellery looks classy as finish and polish is very accurate and gives good margins to jewellers due to mass production. Also, very light jewellery can be made by this method, which is latest trends now a days.The minus points are that they are mass produced in large numbers. So they are not unique for your personality only. Secondly, they cant be repaired easily as it may result in major damage to it, in case you want get it modified. However, handmade articles are result of real hardwork by gold smiths and lakhs of people earn livelihood by this way and should be promoted by us. Gold smiths are also artists and must be acknowledged.


This is the last step in shopping as given below
1) First get jewellery weighed for grams mentioned in bill acurately at shop itself.
2) Then comes the purity test which means checking or verifying the carat value as mentioned by jewellers. The answer is carat meter test for gold jewellery which takes few minutes and costs 100/- at maximum. But carat meter is very costly and only available in very renowned shops and Tanishq jewellery who took this first step to bring transparency. Still, the worry is not over as this test gives surface test only. The inside material of gold jewellery can be tested only by fire assay test for which part of jewllery is melted. This test is done at all BIS labs.But you need not worry as you need to focus on Hall Marking of jewellery which is proof of carat value of items concerned.
If you have any other information or doubts, please share.


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