Selection of good plots according to Vastu Shastra

In this article we will learn about selection of good plots for building homes, according to vastu. Some types of plots are considered very auspicious for building homes. They create positive energy and lead to a great life. On the other hand, some plots lead to loss of health, money and happiness. Thus, it is very important that we follow vastu while making choice of plot or land for building a house.


The most important thing is to visit the plot and see how it feels to be on the plot. It is very important that one feels good while being on the plot, he is going to buy. If the buyer doesn't feel at peace when standing on the plot, he should not buy it. A very popular method of checking the land from ancient times is to dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water. One should check the water after 2-3 minutes. If there is water in more than half of the depth, the land is very good for purchasing. If water is just half the depth, the land can be considered average. In case there is no water left, it is a very inauspicious plot. One can also check the positivity of land by growing a sapling on it. If the sapling sprouts, it is considered auspicious. A land that is cultivable is always good for buying. Barren land, land with lots of bones or rocks are not good. Land that has black soil or clayey soil is also not suitable. If the previous owner of the land has been suffering from a chronicle disease or is facing huge financial losses, his property is not auspicious for buying.

Along with a good choice of land Planning the interior of the house according to Vastu and planning exterior of the house according to Vastu is also necessary. Before we move further, let us know about the different Directions mentioned in this article. The eight directions are North, South, East, West, North-East (NE), North-West (NW), South-East (SE) and South-West (SW).

Shape of land

Following pictures depicts some shapes of land which are good for buying. The pictures have been drawn considering the directions as
The different directions

Auspicious plots according to Vastu

Following are some shapes which are not suitable for purchasing-

inauspicious plots according to Vastu

Roads Along the plot

Best plot

A Square plot with roads on all the four sides is the best option one can have.

Roads on only one side of the plot

East is the most favorable side. A Road on North and West is also average but road on south is inauspicious.

Roads on two sides of the plot

If the plot has roads on two sides then the combination of roads- North and East, South and East are good. Roads on North and West are average. South and West combination of roads is not at all auspicious.

Roads on three sides of the plot

In case the plot has roads on three sides the following combinations are considered good for purchasing- North, East and West, North, East and South. An average combination of roads is North, West and South. A combination that should be avoided is East, South and west.

Things on and around the plot

  • It is very necessary to check the surrounding of the plot as these too affect the fortune of the owner of the plot. The most important thing is that the surrounding of the plot should be clean.

  • Plots near dumping ground should be avoided.

  • The land should not have ever been used as a cemetery or graveyard.

  • The North-East of the plot should not have any kind of huge obstacle such as hill, post or a very tall house etc.

  • There should be no water bodies such as lake, river etc. on the directions other than North or East.

  • If the plot is situated between two large plots, it brings misfortune.

  • It is best if there is not a temple nearby. If it is so, at least the shadow of the temple should not fall on the house.

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