This too shall pass away

There are three kinds of people - one who lives in past. one who lives in future and one who lives in present. I am an individual who used to be confused in these three types of personalities to understand which category I fall into and which one will be the best to adapt until I came across this beautiful story told by my husband.

Once there was a king who was well established. He was rich, had a big and burgeoning empire. There was this adviser to the king who was known for his wit and wisdom. The king was always surprised and jealous of his adviser's intellect and common sense. Hence, he kept putting him in difficult times. Asked him weird questions and expected him to answer. The adviser with his simplicity and common sense solved the king's puzzles.

Once an idea struck to the king that made him believe that this time he can conquer his adviser and prove to the world that he is the wittiest person on earth and not he adviser.

The king called for the adviser in front of others in the court and said, "I feel ecstatic when people talk about your knowledge and wisdom. But today, you have to corroborate it real time. You have to prove that the talk going around in my kingdom is not a myth and you really deserve this appreciation. To prove yourself you have to answer my question. If you cannot answer it satisfactorily you will be hanged till death and your family will be thrown out of the state."

The adviser accepted the challenge, which he had no option not to.
The king asked him, "Get me a thing which will make you sad when you are happy and make you happy when you are sad."

The adviser was shaken. The king manifested that the adviser is given one month's time to answer the question. After that if he fails he will have to face the punishment.

The deprived adviser was frightened as he knew there is no such thing on earth. He was gloomy for himself and scared about his family after him. He kept being silent and solitary by locking himself inside a room. Days passed. The big day was approaching in a week's time. His wife suggested him to go out and talk to people who can help him. With no such hope though, he started roaming around.

The king was pretty happy as he was sure he was going to win over the most intelligent adviser on his wit and wisdom. He was so happy that he started organizing community dinners.

After roaming for 6 days the adviser felt hungry and thirsty went to sit in a shade. He sat on the veranda of a hut. It was a small goldsmith's house. The gold smith came out to see a person well-dressed sitting in his veranda. It took him no time to recognize him to be some king's official with the kind of outfits, jewellery and accessories he wore.

He gave him a glass of water and asked who he is. The adviser didn't reply. The goldsmith made out that the person is sad. He fed him some food and asked "Gentleman, who so ever you are, you seem to be very sad and tensed. Tell me your problem if I can be of any help to you." The adviser smiled and said "I am the adviser of the king but tomorrow I am going to be hanged and my family will be thrown out of the state. All because I could not find a thing which will make a person happy if he is sad and make him sad if he is happy."

The goldsmith smiled and went inside. He came back with something and as he handed it over to the adviser. Looking at it the adviser smiled. His eyes lit up and the very next moment tears filled into his eyes. He hugged the goldsmith and started back to home.

The next day he went to the king. People were crowded. King was happy on his expected win. He saw the bearded adviser and had pity on him and said "I knew you cannot be the mightiest. I am the king and no one can be better than the king. So, have you got anything or shall we proceed with the sentence?" The adviser came up to the throne and handed over that thing to the king. The king's smiling face turned sad!

The entire crowd was astonished.

It was a ring on which these words were engraved "This too shall pass away…"

The king's eyes filled with tears. He hugged his adviser and announced him to be the mightiest and wisest employee of his kingdom.

Morale :

No matter what situation you are in today, good or bad, it will pass away. Don't be proud about your possessions; don't feel bad about what you don't have. Things and people come and go. Life goes on. A mere situation cannot rule your life forever. So if you are sad, be happy thinking about the good times to come and if you are happy, don't be complacent and don't take things for granted. Enjoy and feel blessed for all that you have. Ultimately, this too shall pass away.


Guest Author: 08 Jul 2013


However, this story teaches us not to live in situations but to walk forward with all good memories and lessons that the situation has taught us. It also teaches us that nothing is permanent. So feeling greedy or proud doesn't make sense. It doesn't add any value to life. It just restrains us from becoming better human beings.

Change is the only thing that is constant in this world. Accept the change and the change will accept you. Rather than bullying about situations be the change you want to see.

Guest Author: 14 Dec 2013

My complements to the new member for bringing this good article to the fore. Surely there is a saying in Tamil that " Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum " , if we translate in Hindi, " Yeh bhi tal jayegaa", that means this phase will also be over. What a nice way to think positively. In the daily life we do get some tricky situations and we really ponder over how to get out of it. But when we have the positive attitude like this and have the capacity to adjust with the life and take everything into our strides, surely we are the winner every day and that teaches us lessons too every day.

Author: Reena Upadhya06 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

This story reminds me of inner stability. Why shake something stable? We feel over joyous during happy times and we feel overly sad when difficult times strike us. Why do that? Why not treat every situation as same? Some will disagree and defend themselves that what is the point in living if we don't feel happy. The answer to that is joy is our inbuilt quality. If we are in our authentic selves, we will always feel happy. We are feeling it and experiencing it then we will be radiating it into the outer world. We are not making it dependent on the outside world. When a situation brings happiness to us, then our happiness will be short-lived. When a situation brings sadness to us, then we will remain sad until the situation persists. It means we do not have control over ourselves and rather the outside circumstances are controlling us. If we understand that we are already happy we will remain stable no matter what sort of people we meet and what type of situation arrive in our lives.

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