Genetically modified food crops aggravating agriculture crisis in India

The government intention is to give a go ahead to Genetically modified crops that would prove fatal for Indian farmers. This article says now is the turn of smaller Indian farmers after America to withstand the worst of the decision. GM crops would destroy the farming of India. This is something sort of biological terrorism and inimical to the interests of humankind. This dissertation tries to explain the ill consequences of Genetically modified crops.

Setting aside the strong protests of agricultural specialists, NGOs and farmers, the government has recently presented 'The National Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India' bill in the Parliament at last. From the researches, scientific experiments and experiences on GM crops conducted through the world over, this has been found out that the Genetically modified crops are harmful for agriculture as well as for the human being. GM seeds are spreading some such weeds and herbicides, which is going to pose a serious danger to the Indian farming. Several years ago, when India had imported wheat from America under PL-480 scheme of things, the wheat was accompanied with some unknown dangerous super- weeds and herbicides that were transported to India. Two among these namely congress (carrot grass) and Metachlor are still lurking around in India, adding up to the toxicity of food and the environment both. It is extremely difficult to tame both these two super-weeds. As for that, we are already suffering a lot from before owing to the Poison in fruits and vegetables. Metachlor has already spread in 1.32 crore hectares so far and the cost of pulling them off the ground comes down to over 500 rupees per hectare. More or less is the condition of the congress grass also which has spread its tentacles in an area equivalent to the territory of Nepal.

The onslaughts of weeds and super weeds

Bearing the impact of weeds already from before, India is now confronted with this fresh onslaught of super weeds produced with Genetically modified crops. It is not easy to destroy this. Even the chemical sprays do not act on them. This superweed is spreading in America and Canada including 26 countries like that pandemic, where GM crop is produced. These weeds are not imported from any other country, but they grow when the GM crops are tilled. Wherever the cultivation of GM crops have been commercialized, herbicides and super weeds develop resistance not only from these crops but become uncontrollable like a very wicked monsters.

Looking at the American experiments with GM Crops

Let us look at the American example. The agricultural trade company 'Monsanto' had claimed some 10 years ago that the roundup- weedicides do not grow from its GM crops. However, nearly half of the farmland in America that was previously fit for farming has come under the bad spell of these horrible superweeds. Within a 3 years of short span of 2010 to 2012, the area affected from this weed has doubled from 3.26 crore to 6.12 crore. In Georgia province of America alone, more than one lac acres of land have come within the grips of pigweed named super weeds. Farmers are spraying anti weed pesticides ten times over but of no avail. Now the Monsanto Company is giving advice to farmers to spray the mixture of more harmful insecticides and pesticides. Canada too has lost its one-lac acres of fertile land under the spates of the roundup weedicides.

The danger of super weeds- looming large on India

After America, this is now the turn of India's poor farmers. The peril of super weeds is hovering over the heads. Its impact would fall on Indian farming. The agriculture of India would be destroyed with the GM Crops. Please pay attention to my words- the number of farmer suicide is going to increase phenomenally in India in a very fast pace, the responsibility of which would fall on some scientists eager to introduce GM Crop in India as well as on the government. Owing to the noxious land and the water level, getting noxious and depleting gradually, the modern agriculture is inching towards impending disaster where the army of untreatable weedicides would rule the land mass. Not only the super weeds alone, but also the dependence of farmers over more fatalistic and costlier chemicals and pesticides would swell, making this difficult to control newer varieties of insects and microorganism. It is but palpable the victory would go on to the side of the weeds and insects. The Agriculture crisis would go on deepening. Lethal insects and weedicides create opportunity of massive profits for the industrialists' world through out globe. GM companies are insisting farmers to use to spray excessively poisonous chemicals and insecticides on their crops. These insecticide are often the mix sharply solutions. The agricultural- business companies are harvesting double profits. Now, three biggest world GM companies have control over 70 % world's seed market. In addition to this, their chemicals and pesticides as well rule the market. The ever-increasing sale of chemicals and pesticides though augment the GDP of the country but its catastrophic consequence that fall on environment and over the future of farming does not buzz off the government a bit.


GM Crops are being grown on lacs of land mass and this land has become the hub of super weeds and super pests. Due to this reason, the condition of farming in future is going to be appalling. I, sometimes, begin to think, superweeds and pests could become the greatest challenge for the humankind. The dark future I am talking about is a thing of far off thing. This is to happen during our lifetime. This biological terror is to be the greatest enemy of humanity. Still there is time for the farmers to understand the ill consequences of GM Crops. Government seems to have concerns over the agriculture and environs.


Guest Author: Sandraparker05 Jun 2014

Dear Ashish Kumar,
A very unique and well represented article. I think that we must spread same kind of awareness among the farmers so that they can get relief from the super weeds and increase their production. I appreciate you for your good research and valuable information presented in this article. Hope you write many more article on such sensitive topics.

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