Delicious desserts for Raksha Bandhan festival

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan festival strengthens the bond of brothers and sisters. The choice of easy desserts play a vital role to add the bliss, set the tempo and sweeten the most valuable relation on earth. These could either be brought from the confectionery shops or made in home. This article describes some of the most preferred desserts along with their chief ingredients for this auspicious day.

Rakhi or to be more precise, Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious Indian festival that tightens the bond of liking between brothers and sisters. Though this festival has its origin in India, but now is is celebrated in other countries also. It comes between the months of July and August (Shravan) on a full moon day, once in a year, whereby sisters tie the holy or sacred thread, Rakhi or Raksha on the wrists of brothers. It is not necessary that one has to be a bother and sister by blood relation to celebrate it. The sanctified thread could be tied on the wrist of cousins, relatives or any other known person to get into the most valuable and trustworthy relationship of the humanity. The festival traditionally begins with prayer and sisters wish for the long life and prosperity of brothers. The bothers present gifts of their choice to their sisters and take vows to protect and defend her throughout the life.

Historic evidence of the festival

Celebration of the festival dates back to centuries ago and manuscripts and evidences of history signify the fact of its presence in those times. Besides, several popular stories relate to this celebration closely. Once such story of the recent past verbalizing the power, relevance and sanctity of this festival is of the pre-independence times. In 1905, the British government followed the policy of 'divide and rule', to bifurcate the strength of the Indians. Rabindranath Tagore came out in the open, to reunite the people under one umbrella, by tying rakshas or holy threads on the wrists of the people. The breeze of brotherhood pumped the people to stay united and fight collectively against the British government. It was a great achievement for the Indians and that incident is still afresh in the minds of the people.

It influences the people, society and technology

The charm of the festival is shaping up the people, society and technology to a great extent. It rejuvenates the people of the society days before its arrival.

  • Banking on the festive mood, the shops and markets display lovely and colorful rakish of different designs and shapes.

  • Women and young girls throng to these shops to buy the best according to their choice. Men and boys hop the shops to hunt and choose the most suitable gift for their loving sisters.

  • Even those who do not have enough time physically to move out to these stores could choose one from the online stores of different websites from the comfort of their homes or offices. One big plus point of online buy is it simplifies its timely dispatch to any part of the world.

  • The festivity is not untouched by technology as Rakhis with music, songs, famous cartoon characters, etc., are also available. Besides, e-cards with exceptional designs and special SMSes are also available to celebrate the auspicious occasion, the way one like.

Desserts deserve a special mention

No celebration is complete, in India, without the proper dose of best desserts and Rakhi is one of these. Sweets play the anchor sheet role to set the moods and to sweeten the taste buds of the people. Certainly, the sales chart of Rakhis reach the peak during the time, but it is equally true that if any other commodity that deserves a second place, are the desserts. One may opt either to buy these from the market or to prepare it at home. Irrespective of what one opts for, the best easy desserts that add to the charm, bliss and color of the celebration deserves a special mention. Given below, is a small list of delicious desserts ideas for the Raksha Bandhan festival:

  • Kachagolla: It is a type of sweet well-known for its delicious taste. Though it is small and round, but melts in the mouth with ease. With a blissful taste of its own, it captures the heart of millions in most of the happy occasions of life. It belongs with the genre of 'Sandesh' and is available in all the leading confectioneries as well as in local confectionery shops. Besides, one could also prepare it at home and derive the pleasure of homemade sweet along with their near and dear ones. The ingredients include pure milk, powder milk or fresh cheese, sugar, vinegar, water, rose water and butter.

  • Imarti: Also known as Emarti and popular among the Indian masses. It is small round in shape and drier than the jalebis (sweet like Imarti, but smaller). It is drier than the jalebis and one may feast on it hot or cold. It is a healthy dessert that befits any Indian occasions like Raksha Bandhan. Being, sweet, juicy and yummy it is a favorite sweet of the ages. It melts in the mouth easily and has its own unique flavor. It is available in confectionery stores and in small sweet shops. Besides, one may prepare it at home if one wishes so. The ingredients required are rice flour or urad dal, saffron color, cardamom, ghee, sugar and water. It takes only two hours to prepare a serving for six people.

  • Gaja: It has its origin in the state of Orissa and a favorite sweet among the sweet lovers. Coated with sugary syrup, it is rectangular. Before the coating, proper frying is done. The ingredients used in the preparation is similar to the ingredients used in the preparation of 'rasgulla'. The ingredients are white flour, cheese (chhena), semolina (sooji), sugar and ghee.

  • Rasgulla: It has its origin in the state of Orissa. Other common names by which it is called are rasagolla, rasbari, etc. The sweet is popular in India and whoever tastes it once would feel the urge of having it again. It is a circular shape dessert available in white and brown color. It is available in all the top confectionery shops and in the local shops. No celebration of happiness, and joy is complete without its delicious taste. The chief ingredients used are cheese (fresh chena), semolina (sooji) and sugar syrup. It is rich in calorie and carbohydrates. Besides, it also contains the minimal fats and proteins.

  • Barfi: It is also known as burfi and burfee. The confectionery has many of its form and types like Kaju burfi, Pista burfi and besan barfi, chocolate barfi and coconut barfi. It ranges from round to square and polygon shapes. Besides, it varies in color, quality and characteristics. It has a special place in all the auspicious occasions of life and Raksha Bandhan is not an exception. The main ingredients are milk and sugar.

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