Raja rani music review

Raja Rani is the latest Kollywood movie starring Arya, Jai, Nayanthara and Nazriya in lead roles. The movie is directed by Atlee and the tracks are composed by Young and stylish music director Gv Prakash Kumar. Could the tracks satisfy the hopes? Let us fond out an answer through this article.

GV Parkash is always well known for the sweet and romantic numbers and when a movie with much emotional quotient regarding love is made, Gv cannot stand still. The hype surrounding this track list was high and could Gv satisfy all after his pure commercial hit Thalaivaa? The tracks analysis will clearly prove that Gv has won all hearts. A plenty full treat for all music lovers out there and there is no reduction in variety. Let us now get into a small analysis of the tracks.

Hey Baby

The starting of the album itself wins every heart as it is simple a good experiment. The introduction with sweet and simple tunes, strings, peppy vocals and slow pace was superb. The lyrics too succeeds in this venture and right emotions in the right chord strikes every ear. The lyrics is easily the best part which makes the song a bit surprising and fun worthy. The drum beats with tune mood vocals make the song more pretty. Anyhow the transition with the entry of vocals from Gana Bala is the main highlight. We can easily see that this transition was forceful but we will never complain about the same. Gv just tried something new and that blend easily makes everyone happy. The slow paced song suddenly gains pace with the entry of Gan Baa. The lyrics portion for that part o the song is simply awesome and Gana bala once again proves that he is the king in Tamil local style mode. An awesome blend with much music quotient to enjoy. The very first track is party time for whole music world and just watch out the lyrics. Never miss out this track and the lyrics of this track. Here goes a thumbs up to Gv for the stylish entertaining mix.


this song gains all the best for the vocals of Shakthisree and this lady again promises that she is one of the brightest futures of Tamil music world. A track that is well executed when we consider the composition as the vocals never get swept by tunes. Composition is simple but still engaging and worthy for a track of this mood. Another best effort from Lyricist, composer and singer. This will have many moments for a listener that makes music more wonderful. Especially the vocals are the best part as they contain the right mixture of emotions and sweetness. Easily a winner of this album and this one would remain in minds of music lovers for a long time. Composer has yet gain given another valuable track to boast and again thumbs up for the same.


Among the trailer hits of Raja Rani this was one track that made more impression and same here too. It is a modern track with peppy drum beats and romantic mixture. But it is not at all a pure romantic track as it goes on in the mood of enjoyment. The drum beats along with the nadaswaram brings in more beauty. A track that is directly dedicated for youth enjoyment. But it also has got some composition brilliance. 'Chilena ' is a track that deserves applause for the cheerful presence of music in the same. You will never feel bad if you got a listen to this track and music lovers can have a treat on this too. You may find that this track is a little backward when we consider the above two hits but it is not at all bad. Especially watch out for the Malayalam lyrics in between that would give shades of Kerala too. Good attempt from young composer that goes in an above average style.

Oday Oday

This one is not everyones cup of tea.But this one is really a good tasteful recipe when we consider the freshness. The song rendition is the best part and the lyrics has got some modern touch too. Anyhow it is a different attempt and seriously a good attempt to hang on. Gv has taken something special in his route and that makes every music lover happy. For a film with more romantic quotient such tracks are much important and Gv has done the right job with this track too. A cute track with cute lyrics and cute expressions.


This one is easily another pick of the album. Starts off slowly then gets in a fast drum beat mode. But the vocals never go fast and we can see that wonderful vocals are blend brilliantly with such fast drum beats.That makes this song special and note worthy ,The tunes from the start and in between is also mentionable. This track would really do some wonders on screen and can be also used a s theme. Easily a good track with all touches of brilliance that is needed form a composer.

Immaye Immaye

For a romantic film if such a track misses out, it would have been the biggest badness to meet with.But Gv never tries to make anyone disappointed and brings in the best track. Immaye Immaye is easily the best pick of the album for its beauty, vocal strength, composition brilliance an d especially for the magical lyrics. Lyrics and the vocals stands as key in this track. The song is emotional in all sense but it is the right musical that we want from an composer. One should never miss out this track if you are getting a chance to hear this album. The running time of the track is short but within that short time itself, it sweeps off the heart of a listener. The vocals play main role and special appreciation to the singers Gv and Shakthisree. So a big hats off to the team for this wonderful track.

A love for Life

This one can be taken as instrumental type of Immaye but it is more than that type. In fact it is a theme that is engaging but above that all the instrumental usage in this them is appreciative. The hard work put to make it memorable and romantic makes the track a masterpiece. For anyone looking for pure magic of music, this them would be the answer. It is easily one of the main highlights of this album.


'Raja Rani' is the return of Gv Prakash as a good composer with all power of music. The songs are having variety at the same time emotions are hidden within. Raja Rani is easily one o the best ventures of recent time from this young composer and to conclude we can say that it is party time for the music lovers.

Rating : 7.7 out of 10


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