The Korku Tribe of Madhya Pradesh

In this article I had discussed about the korku tribe which is one of the backward tribe of MP as well as of India, I had discussed about its Sub casts, festivals, food, housing, clothing, way of worship, economical status, physical appearance etc. This article is very useful for MP PSC aspirants.

Korku is the main tribe of Madhya Pradesh. The meaning of word "Korku" is "Group of men". Korku tribe is considering being a branch of Munda or Kolorian tribe. The major population of this tribe lives in the following districts of Madhya Pradesh and they are: Hoshangabad (Satpura valley), Baitul, Chhindwara, Harda, East Nimar, Khargone, Harsud (Khandwa), Burhanpur etc…

Sub Casts

Basically Korkus are considered to be Rajputs but also have four sub casts and they are:

  • Patharia

  • Rum

  • Bobai

  • Dulariya

Physical Appearance

Generally they are physically strong, dark in complexion, having broad nostrils and nose, broad lips, entangled hairs, black coloured eyes and they are short heighted.

Social Formation

Korku tribe follows the culture of male domination i.e. Man is the head of the family as well as of the society. The highly respected male of the society is called to be "Padiar & Bhumka (Purohit)". Samgotri marriage i.e. marriage within the same gotr is not allowed in this tribe. In this tribe Brides are use to be purchased by the Grooms.
Korku tribe has many system of marriage and they are:

  • Lamazna or lamsena

  • Raji baji or love marriage

  • Widow marriage

  • Marriage by force

As we had discussed that Korku tribe adopted the Lamazna or lamsena marriage system. According to this system the son-in-law uses to live in his fathers-in-law house on some conditions.
Korku tribe put their dead cast men in grave and use Si Doli system.


The male of this tribe use to wear dhoti, bandi, towel or Angocha on head where as the ladies use to wear lugdua and choli. The ladies of this tribe are very much fond of ornaments.


Korku tribe use to live in hilly region therefore they use to eat Bajra, Kutki, Makka and Jwar. They also eat "Lachka" just to fill their belley, it is a semisolid food.


The people of this tribe use to build their houses in front of each other and straight in a line. They use to prepare their houses from Bamboo, wood, mud and grass.


Korku tribe is highly influenced by the Hindu religion that's why they use to celebrate similar type of festivals and they are:

  • Jiroti

  • Pola

  • Dev Dussehra

  • Diwali

  • Madhya Dussehra

  • Holi etc..

Worshipers Of:

Korku tribe mainly use to worship the following gods:

  • Moon

  • Mahadev

  • Dogand Devta

  • Murda dev

  • Meghnad

The people of this tribe use to believe in black magic and call it as "Tona Totka". The witchcraft in this tribe has many methods for the marriage disassociation.

Economical Status

As we had discussed, the korku tribe use to live in hilly areas therefore they depend on agriculture. They use to do the "Jhum Cultivation" also known as shifting Cultivation. They use to do the following jobs also:

  • Collect forest products

  • Hunt animals

  • Fisheries

  • Animal Husbandary

Korku tribe is extremely weak in its economical section that's why it's among the most backward and poor tribes of India.

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