The Sahariya Tribe of Madhya Pradesh

Sahariya tribe comes under the special backward tribes of Madhya Pradesh. It is quite worthy to know about this tribe from the MP PSC point of view. This article contains the information about their location, economical status, festivals, religious belief, habiliments, social formation, physical appearance etc… So read it and gain the knowledge.

Sahariya tribe is found in the North West part of the Madhya Pradesh. They are also known as the younger brothers of Bhil's. Due to the fact that it is the most backward tribe of Madhya Pradesh the government declared this tribe as special backward tribe. Sahariya tribe is losing its primitive nature and status due to the social changes, encroachment of forests and rapid urbanization. Due to the mentioned reason the government has taken some steps to protect the primitive nature of this special tribe.


Sahariya tribe is mostly found in the mentioned districts of Madhya Pradesh:

  • Bhind

  • Morena

  • Gwalior

  • Shivpuri

  • Guna

  • Vidisha

  • Raisen

  • Sehore

  • Bundelkhand Area

  • The main residential area of Sahariya tribe is the forest of Shahabad which is spread from Rajasthan to Guna of Madhya Pradesh.
    Districts of Madhya Pradesh
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    Physical Appearance

    Sahariya's people are generally of dark complexion and medium heighted. In general they are very weak as they are very fond of wine and use to consume it excessively.
    A man from Sahariya Tribe
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    Social Organization

    The residential place of Sahariya's is known as "Sahrama". The head of the family is honored with a title of "Patel", in the society level the leader is known with the title of "Pardhan". Pardhan use to do all the work just as the Patel do but at the society level. The main work of Pardha is to attend all the social functions like marriage and all the religious functions including betrothal. Pardhan is also responsible for the collection of penalties. This tribe has five panch in its panchayat and they are:

    • Kotwar

    • Barai

    • Bhopa

    • Hathnariya

    Along with these four panch the fifth member is the oldest person of the village.


    The male people of this tribe use to wear Dhoti, Colored shirt & safa. Sahariya tribe is highly influenced by the Rajasthani culture and it can be clearly seen in their dresses. The ladies of sahariya tribe use to wear lahanga, Ghagra, ludga, petya, saluki, & polka.
    A woman from Sahariya Tribe
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    Men and women of this tribe are fond of ornaments. Male are fond of wearing Chhelkadi murki in ears and Kanthi in neck, on the other hand ladies use to wear "Bor" in head, Fikar potta and Gutti aera in ears, a golden or silver kanta in nose and khagwari in neck.

    Economical Status

    Sahariya tribesmen are generally engaged in agricultural work. They either use to do cultivation on their own field or they are the agriculture laborers on some others field. They also collect forest products in order to sell it in cities market to earn their livelihood. They also depend upon fisheries, Kandmoal and phal (tree, Roots and fruits).

    Sahariya's tribesmen are very expert in identifying the herbs. They collect herbs from the forest and sell it in the markets to earn their sustenance. Along with the herbs they are also experts in colleting honey and sells.

    Religious Belief

    Sahariya tribe is highly influenced by the Hindu culture; they worship many Hindu God and Goddesses and also celebrate various Hindu festivals. By name the Gods are mentioned below:

    • Sun

    • Moon

    • Water

    • Air

    • Brahma

    • Vishnu

    • Shiv


    As we had discussed that due to the influence of Hindu culture they celebrates many Hindu festivals and they are:

    • Dussehra

    • Diwali

    • Holi

    • Raksha Bandhan

    • Navratra

    • Sehria

    Sahariya tribe also believes in black magic and ghost.

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