A famous detective film "Baksa Rahashya"

Are you interested to see detective films? Here,the details of a detective film named BAKSA RAHASHYA is described below. We know Satyajit Ray was a famous writer as well as a film maker. He was the creator of the famous detective character “FELUDA”. The story was written by Satyajit Ray. This movie was directed by his son Sandip Ray. Feluda was a famous detective. Topshe was his cousin. Jatayu was the famous mystery story writer. He was friend of Feluda.

Cast & crew of the film Baksa Rahashya

Director Sandip Ray
Story writer Satyajit Ray

Star cast

Sabyasachi chokraborty as Prodosh Mitra(Feluda)
Sashwata Chatterjee as Topesh(Topshe)
Rabi Ghosh as Lalmohan Babu(Jatayu)

A famous detective film "Baksa Rahashya"

Story of the film Baksa Rahashya

The name of this film is related to a mystery (RAHASHYA in Bengali). So we can understand the film is based on a mystery about briefcase (BAKSA in Bengali).
The story of the film is based on the incident of exchanging between two co passengers in train. Dinanath Lahiri was a passenger of Kalka Mail. His briefcase was exchanged with his co passenger. But he couldn't recognize the passenger because they were total four passengers in that compartment. So he came to Feluda to solve that problem. He said that there was a manuscript written by Sombhucharan Bose in 1917. Without that manuscript there was nothing special in his briefcase. He seemed it came with his uncle who was a private tutor of Rana family at Kathmandu. Lahiri gave his co passenger's briefcase to his nephew Prabir Lahiri. But then he took it from him thinking that may be there was something which may significant to its owner. He said one co passenger was called by another as Mr.Pakrashi. They knew each other. Another passenger was vegetarian. One of the co passengers gave apple to Mr. Lahiri. Lahiri ate that. Usually lahiri didn't sleep in the train. But that night he slept deeply till Kolkata. Lahiri also said that in the briefcase there were two handkerchiefs with G letter embroidered. Also had a map of Kolkata on which four place names were ticked. The four places were the locations of hotels in Kolkata.
Feluda called of his police friend to collect phone numbers of all people surname Pakrashi in Kolkata. After collecting the numbers Feluda started to call them. Once he got a positive response. He made an appointment with Mr. Pakrashi.
Then Feluda went to those hotels and asked for the name started with G. he heard Mr. G.C. Dhamija came to hotel that day but already left. Then Feluda collected his address from hotel manager.
Feluda got some information about the manuscript from his Sidhujyathu. He told Feluda that the manuscript was very valuable like gold money & Sombhucharan got a gem from Rana in Nepal.
Feluda & Topshe went to Mr. Pakrashi's house. He was very rude. They got address of other co passenger from him.
They went to Lahiri's house & met with his nephew Prabir Lahiri. He seemed disturbed that the briefcase was taken from him without informing him. Feluda informed Lahiri that his briefcase was exchanged with Dhamija. Lahiri said them to go to shimla to take his briefcase.
Suddenly Mr. Lahiri called Feluda for informing that a person called him & said about an address to collect his briefcase. Feluda & Topshe went for that but was cheated. Two persons hit them & took the briefcase. Feluda guessed about this & brought the fake briefcase.
Then their Shimla trip was started. In hotel a man cam to met Feluda & hit him & stole the bag. Then Feluda decided to replace all things which had in the bag.
They returned the bag to Dhamija & collect the Dinanath Lahiri's. When they were returning from there a man attacked them & wanted the valuable gem. But feluda cheated him.
Feluda went to Mr.Pakrashi & blamed him to steal the manuscript. At the end they collected the valuable manuscript from Mr.Pakrashi.

Review of the film

This film is a detective film. It is from Feluda series. We can see how Feluda can solve the problem by his own way. Sandip Ray directed this film very artistically. So this film is as interesting as the other Ray films.


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