Viral and bacterial diseases outbreak in Kolkata: Tips to prevent

This monsoon season came as a curse in human lives. Different viral diseases such as dengue, malaria, conjunctivitis etc out breaks in all parts of West Bengal heavily. Read this article to know how to prevent dengue, conjunctivitis and how to overcome from these diseases.

The citizens of Kolkata as well as West Bengal would have to suffer a lot in monsoon of this year. The outbreak of viral and bacterial diseases like dengue, malaria, flu, conjunctivitis has creates a horror situation in Bengal's lives. This is the peak season for dengue and other vector born diseases to bring upheaval in human lives. According to the private statistics, over 200 people in Saltlake and the rest of Kolkata have been affected by dengue. Although the official figure shows that there are total 51 are dengue infected out of which 40 in Kolkata and 11 in Saltlake. Now let us check about these diseases and way to protect yourself from them.

Disease Management: Dengue and Conjunctivitis

Aedes Aegypti mosquitos Dengue : The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the carrier of the dengue virus. The dengue mosquitoes are known to bite at daytime- specially early in the morning and in the afternoon. To detect one is infected by dengue virus or not, antigen tests are superior as it detects in the early phase of the infection. The antigen test indicates a dengue infection circulate in the bloodstream within one or two days from the time of the patient being bitten by the Aedes Aegypti mosquitos. The antigens produces antibodies against the viruses a few days after the infection. Now the antigen test can be considered as the standard confirmatory test only six or seven days after the infection. But this test will give a negative result over the seven days.

Dengue fever is usually accomplished by symptoms like headache, body ache and rashes. In some dengue fevers, gum and nose bleeding are the key symptoms. So if someone has such symptoms, then he/she should immediately consult with doctor and should take a blood test according to doctor's advice as needed.

Conjunctivitis : It is a viral infection usually breaks out in the monsoon season and it's not a big viral disease like dengue. Conjunctivitis is mainly caused in human eyes by an adenovirus and it can become virulent without medical intervention. To prevent the conjunctivitis infection, you should wash your eyes with fresh drinking water after coming out from swimming pool/ponds and try to avoid the conjunctivitis affected people.
If you are infected and want to overcome from conjunctivitis you should follow the instruction given below-

1. Don't rub your eyes.

2. Eyes and hands must be washed frequently.

3. Liquid medicine/drops are available in the market. Try to use them, but remember that you should follow according to doctor's prescription.

Conjunctivitis is a contagious disease, try to keep away yourself from others.

How to prevent Dengue disease

To prevent dengue disease, try to follow the instruction mentioned below-

1. The Aedes mosquito normally breeds in small containers. So drain out the water of tanks, coolers and pet bowls once a week.

2. This mosquito mainly bites in daytime. So always use a mosquito net while sleeping.

3. Try to use anti-mosquito repellents like Odomos etc in uncovered portions of your body.

4. Use mosquito coil, liquidator and spray at your room. The state health department recommends people to use Temephos, an organophosphate larvicide.

Finally if it is seen that you or any member of your family is infected by dengue virus, then don't waste a micro second by applying home treatment. Go to the nearest nurshinghome or hospital and test the blood as per doctor's advice. Use always a mask to stop spreading this disease to others.

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