The Beniapukur 60 and 61 pally Sarbojanin Durgotsav, 2013, Kolkata

The Beniapukur 60 and 61 palli Durgotsav completes 62 years this year. On this occasion, a Mukabhinoy drama or speechless play would be held by a group of artists. This article describes about the theme, story, artists and every detail of the puja. This would certainly send a positive vibe among the young generation and would be able bring into track the so-called social problems of the personal family life.

Beniapukur 60 and 61 Palli Sarbojanin Durgotsav would complete 62 years of hosting the Durga Puja this year. The members of this puja committee has planned out an unique theme for the general cause of the society. It concerns the young members of this generation. The puja committee using the theme of an old age home as an image to awaken the minds of the youth generation.

Theme of the puja

The puja committee has planned the theme keeping in mind the trend of the present generation and its never-ending crisis in social life. Life begins when a new-born comes into the family. Parents play a noble role in bringing up, and raising the child. This makes a today's child tomorrow's successful citizen who enjoys life and prosperity to the full. The anomaly begins when the same child forgets all the hardships of the parents when enjoying a well-balanced social life. He does not hesitates to send his father to an old age home. The Beniapukur puja committee would showcase each of these stages. They believe it would make the young generation to stop and think for a moment in this busy life. This would be the small achievement of the committee in the midst of this festive occasion.

Artists and Mukabhinoy- world less drama

The phases or stages of life before and after the old age home be showcased by 19 artists. They would not speak any word throughout the drama as it would be a Mukabhinoy drama. Besides, these artists would also not move during the progress of the drama. The specialty of this drama would be that these artists would stand in various poses or stances to deliver the story to the audience. The artists of the Shantipur art and culture would charge a lump sum amount of RS 1,85,000 for the show. For security of the artists a bamboo blockade would be built around three feet away of the stage. According to sources, the inspiration for this show came from the famous Bengali song, 'Briddhashram' of well-known singer Nachiketa.

Story of the drama in detail

The full story would consist of 14 stages or parts. The story would begin with a father raising a child. Next, the child grows up, secures a job and gets into a settled life. Now, he sends his father to an old age home where the father breathes his last. The first scene of the show would showcase a father feeding his son. In the second scene, father would show Madhyamika (class X) result to his son. They burst into happiness because of the brilliant result. In the third scene, the son gets settled in life and wears coat, pant, tie and sunglass. In the fourth scene, father gets his son married, and the son stands here as a groom. The fifth scene shows a big flat loaded with rich household things. The wife sits in a relaxing posture and an Alsatian dog is around. The sixth scene showcases the wife trying to hit the father-in-law with a broom. The seventh scene would showcase the father entering an old age home. The next scene is the old age home's office reception. The remaining scenes would showcase different pictures of the old age home. In the last two scenes, the father would be burnt in a funeral whiles the son and the daughter-in-law would be busy in puja shopping.


Since there would be no speech throughout the show, captions would be in use for description. As abho songeet, Nachiketa's Bridhasram song would be played as abiram. It is for sure that thousand of people would view this stage show during the puja. Some would see and casually move ahead, some would see and think and some would think and take the positives out of it to apply it practically in their own life. If these few people would follow it in their own life and try to start things afresh then the eventual goal of the Beniapukur 60 and 61 puja palli would be fulfilled.


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