Disadvantages of eating broiler chicken

Chicken is most commonly killed and eaten bird all over the world. The variety of tasty dishes are prepared out of chicken and enjoyed by most of the non vegetarian human beings. But along with the taste and some nutritious values of chicken there are plenty of disadvantages of eating broiler chicken. Let's take a look over some of the drawbacks of broiler chicken.

Chicken recipes are delicious and easy to prepare. Chicken meat is the rich source of protein that we really need for our daily cell metabolism so it is recommended to add in your diet weekly thrice. But due to the high demand and reasonable price broiler chicken poultry is increasing in number. If you see the growth of this broiler chicken, first the chickens are taken to butcher house very early, in the age of just seven weeks. While taking to butcher house chickens are loaded in trucks. This process is just horrible, where thousands are chickens are loaded and carried for hundreds of miles. During this drive, chickens get injured on their wings and legs. They are not provided with food and water and many of them even die during the journey to slaughter house. Then the remaining completely grown birds are taken to the market. Along with its high nutritional value there are some disadvantages, when you eat broiler chicken often.

Salmonella dysentery

In poultry houses, nearly ten thousand of chicken are packed together, where they don't get enough space to move around. The sheds are not cleaned thoroughly and thus it promotes the eruption of various diseases. The consumption of diseased chicken can lead to harmful health troubles for human beings also. Studies have proved that the broiler chicken which is sold in stores carry high level of fecal infection. Fecal infection is caused by the micro organisms found in the gastrointestinal tract of animals and birds. Studies say that those who are consuming the flesh of the chicken are eating a high percent of feces of chicken along with flesh. Studies have also proved that chicken products contain Salmonella which is very injurious for human health. It causes salmonella dysentery in children and adults.

Changes in body metabolism

Chicken flesh and eggs are loaded with cholesterol and animal fats. These contents can cause block in arteries which can lead to heart diseases. The increasing demand of chicken leads to water pollution. Broiler chickens are fed with very high amount of antibiotics, growth hormones and additives. These chemicals can cause changes in the body metabolism. This will also affect the puberty and menopause in females. The chemicals present in it are found in the feces of the birds. These feces are spread on the land and farm, which can be a disaster for land and the environment. The polluted water can affect the fishes with many types of diseases. So after learning about the disadvantages and risk of eating chicken it is better to save yourself from this dreadful condition.

Bird flu infection

Because of the high demand for chicken, these birds are raised in thousands of quantity in the poultry farms. For the purpose of keeping the birds alive, they are provided with a very big amount of anti-biotic. Recent studies have proved that these antibiotics are harmful for human body. In researches it is cleared that antibiotic resistant bacteria enters human body through consumption of chicken. Some studies have proved that the workers working in slaughter house get injured while working. As the work load is more and they need to work faster, safety measurements are not followed in slaughter houses. The workers are forced to work for more than 10 hours a day. World Health Organization along with centre for disease control and prevention has proved that flu virus is spread due to consumption of under cooked chicken flesh or eggs of the bird. The virus can be spread because of touching egg shells which are infected with the disease. Go vegetarian instead of consuming chicken and inviting lots of troubles for yourself.

Conclusion: Instead of eating broiler chicken, taking vegetarian protein sources is the best alternative method to get protein needed your body. Gradually reduce your broiler chicken intake and move to organic poultry meat grown in a natural condition.


Guest Author: sujit vasant shaha01 May 2016

I happened to read your article after a year. I am a non vegetarian and is fond of eating chicken. Due to short supply of organic chicken (Naattu Kozhi) I am compelled to take broiler chicken. After reading your article, I am much worried, and not feeling like eating broiler chicken anymore. When I went to a shop where the organic poultry meat is available, I do not find it tasty, and is difficult to consume. Now I have become egg-vegetarian.

Is there any health hazard if I consume broiler eggs?

Guest Author: B.K.SINGH01 May 2016

Due to increase in demand with the growth in population, unethical and harmful practices are being used even in the production of vegetable and dairy products like milk. We often hear about synthetic milk being sold by unscrupulous elements and vegetables being injected with hormones to inflate its growth. Synthetic chemicals are used to color vegetables artificially and chemical fertilizers are used excessively to hasten its growth process. Most of other packaged food products available in the market contains chemical preservatives and nowadays people are buying even wheat flour in packaged form containing preservatives. Thus we can find that contamination and adulteration of food products with harmful chemicals and such other products is a cause of concern and it is not limited to the consumption of broiler chicken only.

Guest Author: oakley mens glasses 07 May 2016

In cities, we are unable to get our hands ( or mouth) on the organic variety of chicken. So, we were compelled to depend upon the broiler chicken. But now after reading this article, I am a little anxious when it comes to consuming it.
Moreover, there are some high end stores which sell chicken that has been preserved. We used it a couple of months ago and had some really uncomfortable bowel issues. So. it would be better if we quit consuming it.

Guest Author: Karthiga14 Jun 2016

Well, there is an alternate option in the market now. Saravana mooligai chicken at Madurai, Chennai and Coimbatore now offers 100% organic chicken. They are an ISO certified firm supplying chicken that are reared using a herbal concoction as a supplement. Adequate research has been done on the meat quality and reports for absence of antibiotic residues in the meat have been obtained. Interested people can check out the shops at Mugalivakkam and Ramapuram in Chennai.

Guest Author: Chander26 Feb 2018

It would be better to try eating mutton instead of chicken or go vegetarian.

Guest Author: 13 Sep 2021

Hi Karthiga, Please provide the contact number of shops at Mugalivakkam & Ramapuram where organic country chickens is available.

Guest Author: 13 Sep 2021

SuN, Kailash Kumar & Thimmappa Kamath
If you all are based in Bangalore you can get country chicken home delivered from MeatRight. They do not have a shop. They deliver directly from farm to homes in Bangalore. And they only deal in country variety.

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